Rusted Robot Podcast

What We Left Behind – RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 249

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a divisive series. Some fans absolutely love it, while others do not consider it to be very trekkie. No matter your opinion, it is an essential component of the Star Trek universe. Last month saw the release of the documentary about the series. Friend

Finger Licking Science – Rusted Robot Podcast 248

Space, the future, movies, coffee and finger licking science! This week the crew takes a look at some various science news. We’ve got t-shirts, and we are going back to the moon and the theatre. NASA’s Artemis mission is set to return astronauts to the moon starting in 2024. With

The Kitty Cat Distraction – Rusted Robot Podcast 246

Trailers, toys and movie reviews! And a cat who wants to be a podcaster… Godzilla King of the Monsters. We have all seen the film and we have a spoiler free review and rating. We talk about the CGI effects and the creatures. Too many people! X-Men Dark Phoenix. Shawn

Splitting Timelines – Rusted Robot Podcast 245

This week we are splitting the timelines and everyone is becoming Sam. John Wick 3 – Shawn watched the film and gives you a spoiler-free review and rating. Detective Pikacho – Josh tells us that his wife recently viewed the film and enjoyed it. STAR TREK: The Picard series teaser

It’s Only Leaking Sunshine – Rusted Robot Podcast 244

What do we mean it’s only leaking sunshine? Enter the world of The Rusted Robot Podcast to find out the secrets of that statement, and the mysteries of the geek world. Mothers of science fiction and fantasy. We start out the episode with a look at some good and some

Star Wars, Dinosaurs & End Games – RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 242

Spoiler-free discussions about all the pop culture things! We have robots, dinosaurs, Star Wars, Star Trek Discovery, Anime and more this week. So the universe is not as old as we thought. And it’s expanding faster than expected. Free Comic Book Day is on Star Wars Day this year (May

Batman, Godzilla, Robots & Apes – RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 240

Batman is 80, Godzilla can save us, robots are everywhere, and apes are not monkeys. Podcoin is the new app that pays you to listen to podcasts, and we break the 60,000 download mark! This week we’re talking a lot about Batman. Detective Comics releases issue 1000. Batman turns 80

Red Angel / Black Impala – Rusted Robot Podcast 239

The Red Angel, the Black Impala and third installments! Everything is coming up in 3s! Bill and Ted Face The Music. We are finally getting the 3rd film in the franchise, and it’s coming in 2020. Star Trek Discovery reveals the identity of the Red Angel. They faked us out

Love Death and Robots – Rusted Robot Podcast 238

From Captain Marvel reactions to robots, turtles and trailers, we have all your geeky pop culture news this week! Captain Marvel – Josh and Kitty have watched the film and we have their reactions in a non spoiler review. Find out what they think of this movie. Love Death and

Hello Kitty Terminator and the End of Time – RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 237

Hello Kitty, Star Trek, Terminator, The Orville, Blade and the end of time! Marvel’s Captain Marvel is breaking box office records despite the evil plot of the lonely fanboys to spoil the film, Star Trek Discovery brings back the Talosians and has the best ‘previously on’ segment of all time.

Rusted Robot 233: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

We are all geeks here, and we are asking, won’t you be my neighbor? This week’s episode is dedicated to one of our own, as we lost Dan Levitt, a fellow podcaster. Star Trek Duvet from Thinkgeek review, The Punisher – series wrap up and thoughts, Carmen Sandiego – Netflix

RUSTED ROBOT 232: Groundhogs and Plasma Rifles

We return with all the latest in geeky goodness. We have RPGs, groundhogs, plasma rifles, robots, ghosts, dragons, movies, food and more! Star Trek Discovery – we’re talking about the new Command Training Program t-shirts, the greatness of Captain Pike, and a speculation as for the difference in the uniforms

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