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Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Edmond Hamilton’s Captain FutureThe GUNS OF PLUTOBy Allen SteeleExperimenter Publishing195 pgs We first discovered sci-fi writer Edmond Hamilton while in high school and immediately became a fan of his unique action/adventure stories. Unlike the hard science fiction of writers like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Hamilton gave us Flash

Why you should be paying attention to Star Wars: The High Republic

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the release of all the upcoming Star Wars projects on Disney+ — and understandably so. Longtime fan favorite Boba Fett is back (and better than ever) thanks to The Mandalorian, and he’s appearing in his own spinoff series later this year. Ewan McGregor is

Mystery of the Cowboy Summit Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Mystery of the Cowboy Summit’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MYSTERY OF THE COWBOY SUMMITA Hollywood Cowboy Detectives AdventureBy Darryle PurcellA Buckskins Edition144 pgs. Okay, so right up front, we love this series by Arizona writer Darryle Purcell. The concept is a fun one and the action revolves around Republic Studios in the early 1940s. At that time they were

Cursed Sands Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Cursed Sands’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CURSED SANDSBy B.C. JamesAvailable at Amazon96 pgs. Having read some of our reviews, writer B.C. James send along his self-published “Cursed Sands” asking if we’d read and review it. Coming in at only 96 pgs, this volume is a novella which gives proof to the old adage, “Big things come

The Ravage Book Review Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Son of Ravage’ Book By Ron Fortier

SON OF RAVAGEBy J.P. LindeEl Dorado Publishing310 pages What happens when a comedian takes it upon himself to write a pulp adventure? What you get, if you’re lucky, is a wacky, fast-paced, and totally outrageous tale called “Son of Ravage.” Now attempting to satirize something that is already satirical could

Leon's Home - Book Review By Ron Foriter

‘Levon’s Home’ Book Review by Ron Fortier

LEVON’S HOMEBy Chuck DixonWolfpack Publishing241 pgs We’ve been wanting to read a Chuck Dixon Levon Cade book for some time now. As always, time seemed to get away from us. According to Amazon, there are seven of these with this one being the latest. Before anything else, let us state

Sgt Janus and The Dark Trek Book Review

‘Sgt. Janus On The Dark Trace’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACKBy Jim BeardFlinch Books197 pgs Six years after it was officially announced, book # 3 in the Sgt. Janus series by Jim Beard is at long last here. We are happy to report that the wait was a worthwhile one. The adventure begins with Sgt.

Where The Bullets Fly

‘Where The Bullets Fly’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

WHERE THE BULLETS FLYA Sheriff Aaron Mackey WesternBy Terrence McCauleyPinnacle Books345 pgs Ever since the emergence of the New Pulp movement several decades ago, we’ve noticed a resurgence in so many different genres of popular fiction long defunct. We’re not saying westerns ever went out of style; it is perhaps

Astroman Book Two Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Astroman Book 2’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

ASTROMANBook 2 – The Arsenal of WondersBy Dwight R. DeckerVesper Press298 pgs In 2019, writer Dwight Decker delivered “Astroman Book One – The Secret Citadel,” the first part of his rollicking homage to all the great comic book heroes including the Man of Steel himself, Superman. In that volume, Matt

Nexus Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Nexus’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

NEXUSBy Mike Baronwww.bloodyredbaron.com403 pgs We’d guess most reading this review are well aware that Nexus was a science-fiction comic book series created by Eisner winning writer Mike Baron and illustrated by Steve Rude. Now, long after the days of First Comic and the Bronze Age of the Independents, Baron has

Murder at the Rue Dumas Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘MURDER IN THE RUE DUMAS’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MURDER IN THE RUE DUMASBy M.L. LongworthPenguin Books296 pgs. We confess to not reading all that many new books from other countries and perhaps should do so more often. “Murder in the Rue Dumas” comes to us from France by way of M.L. Longworth. She actually resides in Aix, the

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