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Moonlight Serenade Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Moonlight Serenade’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MOONLIGHT SERENADEBook Three of the Vim Hood ChroniclesBy Terry Mark285 pgs With this volume, writer Terry Mark continues his thrilling alternate history series featuring some very famous personalities. He picks up the narrative in Europe shortly after the Normandy invasion by Allied troops. We find General Patton leading his armored

Quarry's Bood Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Quarry’s Blood’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

QUARRY’S BLOODBy Max Allan CollinsHard Case Crime205 pgs Max Allan Collins has written stories about his Vietnam veteran hitman since 1976. It was obvious from the start that the author and his creation were the same age making it easy for him to place the stories in time. Collins did

Men's Adventure Vol 4 Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Men’s Adventure Quarterly’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MEN’S ADVENTURE QUARTERLYIssue # 4Edited by Robert Deis & Bill CunninghamPulp 2.0148 pgs When repeating an operation several times, you can be assured of one of two results. One, the action is lessened and the quality diminishes with repetition. Or, two, the process becomes refined and the quality increases exponentially.

Reliquary Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Reliquary’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

RELIQUARYBy Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildForge Fiction264 Pgs Way back in 2002 a good friend sent us a copy of the book, “The Cabinet of Curiosities” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was in this book that we first encountered FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. We didn’t know at

The Many Lives of Jimmy Leighton Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Many Lives of Jimmy Leighton’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE MANY LIVES OF JIMMY LEIGHTONBy Dave Thomas & Max Allan CollinsNeo Text328 pgs Considering his past works, writer Max Allan Collins is the last person we’d ever associate with science fiction. But that’s exactly what we have here in this thriller co-written with Dave Thomas. “The Many of Lives

THE SHADOWED CIRCLE # 2 Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Shadowed Circle #2’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE SHADOWED CIRCLE # 2Editor/Publisher Steve DonosoA Renaissance Press Publication62 pages Last year pulp enthusiasts were treated to the premier of this excellent new magazine devoted to arguably the great pulp hero of them all, The Shadow. The magazine was crammed packed with excellent, informative articles, and great artwork all

Trouble In The Brownstone Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Trouble In The Brownstone’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

TROUBLE IN THE BROWNSTONEA Nero Wolfe MysteryBy Robert GoldsboroughMysterious Press246 pgs. Every now and then we readers discover fictional characters and become totally enamored with them. Enough so that when their creators pass on, we hope other writers will take on those heroes and continue their adventures; most of which

Death Trip Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Dead Trip’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

DEATH TRIPBy P.J. Thorndyke pgs It is the summer of 1968 and a girl name Alice has fled her past life and moved to California. Fate decrees her arrival to coincide with a deadly train derailment that unleashes an experimental gas created by the war department to enhance violent emotions

Fancy Anders Goes To War Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Fancy Anders Goes To War’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

FANCY ANDERS GOES TO WARBy Max Allan CollinsIllustrated by Fay DaltonNeo Text118 pgs During World War Two, so many of America’s sons went off fighting a war, it fell on America’s daughters to keep the homefront afloat. Now for those mothers and wives living on farms and ranches, none of

Sahara Six Book Review By Ron Foriter

‘Sahara Six’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

SAHARA SIX(A Mace Bullard Patrol)By James HopwoodPro-Se Press126 pg Adventure tales of the French Foreign Legion were a staple of the classic pulp magazine titles. These were hardy stories of brave men who for whatever reasons were societies’ cast-offs and banded together under the French flag. It was a brotherhood

Cutthroat Dogs Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Cutthroat Dogs’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CUTTHROAT DOGS(An Amos Walker Mystery)By Loren D. EstlemanA Forge Book196 pgs Loren D. Estleman has been writing stories about Detroit P.I. Amos Walker for a while now, as the inside list shows this new offering is nearing thirty published mysteries. Obviously, we’re late to the party, but when “Cutthroat Dogs”

The Titanic Murders Book Review By Ron Foriter

‘The Titanic Murders’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE TITANIC MURDERSBy Max Allan CollinsThomas & Mercer Books251 pgs Born in 1875, Jacques Futrelle was a journalist turned mystery writer. He is best known for writing short detective stories featuring Professor Augustus S.F.X . Van Dusen known at The Thinking Machine for his use of logic. While on a

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