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Live from Chickentown, Kevin and Kornflake sip nasty black coffee and talk about silly & geeky things.

Frequent subjects include: Saturday morning cartoons, Dr. Demento-style funny music, TV and movies of the 1970s and 1980s, comic books, classic video games, and, uh, chickens. (We like chickens.) There’s also lots of convention talk, as we regularly attend DragonCon, MarsCon, and other nerdy gatherings. We’re frightened and confused. Join us!

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Flopcast 506 Dynamite magazine with Rick Springfield

Flopcast 506: Dynamite in Denim

Flopcast episode 506! Way too cold to leave the house, so today we’re just flipping through another old issue of Dynamite, that classic magazine for kids of the 70s and 80s. (You could get Dynamite through the school book club or by subscription, so either your teacher or your mailman would know you’re

Flopcast 505 Charlie in the Box

Flopcast 505: Memorial Show Part 2 – Zephyr Winds and Golden Girls

Flopcast episode 505! Let’s wrap up our annual two-part memorial show by getting through a long list of everyone we lost in the second half of 2021. From television, we have stars from The Andy Griffith Show, Night Court, Quantum Leap, Newhart… and a couple more (!) from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. From the

Flopcast 504 Herb from WKRP

Flopcast 504: Memorial Show Part 1 – Long Live Jambi

Flopcast episode 504! As usual we’re kicking off the new year by looking back on everyone we lost in the old year. This week’s show covers the first half of 2021, with many of our favorites from the world of pop culture and beyond. Including: The voice of Hermey the

Flopcast 503 Yukon Cornelius

Flopcast 503: We Are the Woo Girls – Our Holiday Crossover Spectacular

Flopcast episode 503! It’s our final show of 2021! So we’re just relaxing and looking back on another ridiculous year of Flopcasting. (Yikes, we spent a lot of time obsessing over The Facts of Life. And we’re not quite done.) But we also have a couple of special guests, because this

Flopcast 503 Thundarr

Flopcast 502: Have Yourself a Merry Little Chicken

Flopcast episode 502! Every year we’re bombarded with dozens more ridiculous (and nearly identical) Christmas movies from Hallmark, Lifetime, Netflix, etc. It’s a never-ending parade of big city ladies back in their quaint little home towns for the holidays, dealing with awkward high school reunions, struggling family businesses, lame Christmas

Flopcast 501 Hoodoo

Flopcast 501: ABC Saturday Morning 1971 – Funky Phantoms, Secret Chimps

Flopcast episode 501! Let’s wrap up our look at the Saturday morning TV landscape of 1971! ABC’s lineup was probably the strongest of the three networks, but it’s still quite weird. There were classics like Road Runner and Jonny Quest, alongside oddities like Filmation’s Jerry Lewis cartoon, the Rankin/Bass animated version of the

Flopcast 500 reindeer

Flopcast 500: What Are We Still Doing Here?

Flopcast episode 500! To celebrate (just barely) our 500th episode, we decided to shove every single Flopcast segment into one extra-goofy show! Including: Chickens in the News (with more giant chicken topiary drama), our dumbest Top 4 ½ List ever, National Whatever Day with one of the kids from Fame, a

Flopcast 499 Benita

Flopcast 499: NBC Saturday Morning 1971 – Problematic Pirates

Flopcast episode 499! Our examination of Saturday morning TV from fifty years ago continues with the NBC schedule, and it’s one of the weirdest lineups we’ve found so far. Among familiar old favorites like Woody Woodpecker, Pink Panther, and Deputy Dawg, we encounter psychedelic Krofft reruns, a two-headed llama, a comeback from Mr. Wizard,

Flopcast 498 Demi

Flopcast 498: Brat Pack FlopFight Part 2 – St. Elmo’s Hand Turkeys

We started our ridiculous Brat Pack tournament last week, and now it’s time to settle things once and for all, like Swayze in Road House. A couple more Breakfast Club members enter the competition this time, along with the stars of 80s classics like Pretty in Pink, The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, and more. And because

Flopcast 497 Molly

Flopcast 497: Brat Pack FlopFight Part 1 – Bright Lights, Naked Klingons

Flopcast episode 497! Back in the 80s, whether you were hanging around St. Elmo’s Bar or stuck in Saturday detention with the Breakfast Club, you could not avoid the Brat Pack. Those crazy kids were running wild in Hollywood, breaking hearts, listening to Simple Minds, and starring in every single

Flopcast 496 Hair Bear Bunch

Flopcast 496: CBS Saturday Morning 1971 – Other Cave Teens

We’re way overdue for another look at an old Saturday morning TV schedule, so let’s see what the kids watched on CBS half a century ago while chomping on their Count Chocula. The CBS 1971 Saturday morning lineup included classics like Bugs Bunny (of course), Scooby Doo (the original version), and The Flintstones (reformatted to feature

Flopcast 495 sign

Flopcast 495: Life is an Auxiliary Route

Flopcast episode 495! It’s one of our dumbest ideas ever: This is episode 495, so we’re discussing Interstate 495, the Massachusetts highway we’ve spent our whole lives driving up and down like idiots. 495 starts near Rhode Island (look out!) and ends near New Hampshire (oh no!). In between are

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