Who is Captain Future?

This month (for me, anyways) has been all about Captain Future. I have been living, breathing, eating and sleeping Edmond Hamilton’s pulp era science fiction hero. But who is Captain Future? Popular in his hey day, the 1940’s, the final decade of the pulp magazines, today he is an obscure

Seller’s Market?

First things first. As a rule, one should avoid getting into arguments with strangers on the internet. Having said that, a couple of weeks ago I got into an argument with a stranger on the internet. It did not go well. I joined a Facebook group (I think someone invited

The Mandalorian Influences

The Mandalorian has just finished up its second season and I wanted to talk about some of the obvious places where the show has picked up its inspiration. I’m not going to talk about the second season finale because that way lies madness and much exploding of heads. The Star

Live Nude Girls!

I imagine I have your attention now. The nude in art is, according to art historians, an almost exclusively Western phenomenon. Ancient Greeks made statues celebrating the physical perfection of their male athletes, but artistic nudes go back even further to prehistoric times, or so the “Willendorf Venus” would suggest.

Red and White Blues

The Adventures of a Canadian Assistant Art Director So, yeah. This post is late. It should have gone live a week ago. But I’ve been busy. You see, I’m an illustrator, and one of my recent gigs has been providing illustrations for the new Amazing Stories Magazine. Yes, THAT Amazing

Geek collecting – What’s on your shelf?

Normally I try not to let the stuff I see on social media bother me too much (otherwise I’d angrily toss my computer into a dumpster). But a while back I saw two separate posts that have stuck with me, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.

Frightful philosophy: Rethinking my assumptions about the horror genre

For many years, there were two film genres I didn’t want anything to do with: Westerns and horror. I was convinced these two genres had nothing to offer me personally as a film fan, and when someone would recommend a Western or a horror film to me, I’d try to

Spaceship Porn

I am unashamed of my love for the giant metal behemoths that travel between the stars. I like big ships and I cannot lie. When people think about science fiction the first thing they usually visualize are spaceships (or green skinned women in shiny bikinis, but that may just be

How to Cure Your Boredom: In 5 Ways or Less

It creeps into your life like a Josh Whedon character death that you never see coming. Boredom. We have all experienced it. I would wager a lot of you have really been bored here lately. Fret not dear readers, I am here to teach you How to Cure your boredom

The Dragon*Con Con Suite a Magical Place

Dragon*Con Goes Virtual is upon us my fellow geeks! The multi-media convention held in Atlanta Georgia during the labor day weekend typically draws a crowd of 80,000 plus attendees. It is a geek mecca. This year due to the global pandemic known as Covid-19, Dragon*Con is going virtual. Even though

Long live the king: Reflecting on the legacy of Chadwick Boseman

I always struggle with how to process celebrity deaths, because in some ways, my grief feels presumptuous. I may have liked and admired their work as a performer, but I know that the loss hurts far, far worse for that person’s friends and family. I didn’t know the celebrity personally,

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