Stephen Hickman (April 9, 1949 – July 16, 2021)

Stephen Hickman passed away last week. His was not a household name, if any illustrator can be said to be one. He was not as well known as a Frazetta or Boris but within the illustration world, Hickman was a giant. Stephen Hickman was an award-winning illustrator, sculptor and writer,

Why you should be paying attention to Star Wars: The High Republic

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the release of all the upcoming Star Wars projects on Disney+ — and understandably so. Longtime fan favorite Boba Fett is back (and better than ever) thanks to The Mandalorian, and he’s appearing in his own spinoff series later this year. Ewan McGregor is

Fly me to the Moon

When people think of the moon they think of a dull, grey, featureless rock with no atmosphere, and in real life, that’s kind of the way that it is. I mean, sure, the moon has its phases, like this week’s full Strawberry Moon, but that’s for people on the ground.

Why ‘Loki’ shouldn’t answer all the questions it raises

I thought WandaVision on Disney+ was really trippy, but it’s got nothing on Loki. So far the show has delved into time travel, cosmic beings who control events throughout history, and variant copies of the same people from multiple realities — and this is just the first two episodes.  The

Coming back to the movies

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had a chance to go to my local theater to watch the Disney live action Cruella movie. While this was not the first movie I’ve seen in a theater since the COVID shutdown in March 2020, it was a special moment, because this was the

After all this waiting, will the Black Widow solo film feel underwhelming?

On July 9, 2021, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will (presumably) get a chance to watch the new Black Widow movie. I use the word “presumably” because this poor movie has been through quite a convoluted journey on its way to theaters.  This movie was originally slated for a May 2020

No One Wants to Read Your Crappy Book

Hey, M. D. Jackson here. I’ll be back next month with more art related content. This month I’m giving over my post to my good friend Jack Mackenzie. Jack’s an author and he’s going to talk to you about writing. Hey. Get in. We’re going for a ride. No, don’t

Doc Savage’s Hair: The Coiffe of Bronze

This blog post is made of 100% recycled material. Happy Earth Day! *** Recently someone in a Doc Savage Facebook group asked a question, and it was a good one. The question was: How did we go from the Doc Savage as depicted on the covers of the magazine, the

Patterson’s The Shadow Cover: FAIL!

James Patterson is updating The Shadow. His publishers have released the artwork for the covers. Oh, dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What? Who is The Shadow? Okay, let me back up a bit… to 1931. The Shadow was originally just a voice on the radio. The Shadow was

Who is Captain Future?

This month (for me, anyways) has been all about Captain Future. I have been living, breathing, eating and sleeping Edmond Hamilton’s pulp era science fiction hero. But who is Captain Future? Popular in his hey day, the 1940’s, the final decade of the pulp magazines, today he is an obscure

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