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The Soul Forge is a place of silent mystery, quiet contemplation, and outright mayhem!

Shawn Vanderloo guides you through the adventures of living, but mostly talks about stupid things he has done because of girls. Topics include life and love, sex and dating, joy and heartache, memories and loss, and so much more! Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as pretentious as it sounds.

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Shawn Vanderloo
Our First Disney Vacation

Our First Disney Vacation – Soul Forge Podcast 301

Our first Disney vacation is in the books! This episode of the Soul Forge is a day by day recap of our exciting adventures. At the end of each day, Shawn and Leah sat down and recorded their memories of the excitement. Florida in September is still quite warm. Walt

adventure challenge

The Adventure Challenge – Soul Forge 300

The adventure challenge brings couples closer together. Shawn and Leah just celebrated their birthdays and the adventures are just beginning! Episode 300 is a huge milestone in podcasting. On this episode, Shawn and Leah talk about travel, growing closer and buying some cool stuff. Leah tells Shawn that since they

Sex Blankets and Kink

Sex Blankets and Kink – Soul Forge Podcast 299

Sex blankets and kink and the fetish community. This week’s episode is not safe for work. Children should also not listen to this particular episode. But if you are looking to join the kink community, or you are looking for new products, this is the show for you. Once again

Moving Parts – Soul Forge Podcast #298

Moving parts are everywhere! Episode 300 of the podcast is fast approaching. We here at the Soul Forge would love to hear from you. Send in your thoughts, opinions, concerns, reviews, fears, emotional outbursts, or anything else you would like. Anything you send in will be read or played on

Weddings & Anniversaries

Weddings and Anniversaries – Soul Forge 297

Weddings and anniversaries are things that many people will experience in their lifetimes. This may include their own weddings, or those they have attended. Anniversaries can be for almost anything. More often than not, when people think of an anniverary, they are celebrating a marriage. However, you can have an

Time Travel

Time Travel – Soul Forge Podcast 296

Time travel is a fun concept to contemplate. When would you go? How would you get there? The questions and thought experiments are endless. There might not be a more exciting concept in all of pop culture. Time travel is the hypothetical activity of traveling into the past or future.

Who's getting married?

Who’s Getting Married? – Soul Forge Podcast 295

Who’s getting married? Now that is an excellent question. Multitudes of couples get married every day. This year, two of my podcasting friends are getting married. Exciting times are coming! So, it has been 2 weeks since the last episode of the podcast came out. That episode featured the first

Shawn and Paul finally meet in real life!

Shawn and Paul Finally Meet in Real Life – Soul Forge 294

Shawn and Paul finally meet in real life! Shawn is from Canada. Paul is from England. They have been podcasting together for over 9 years. They have spoken over Skype and Zoom. However, it was not until this week that the two friends finally met in person. This is the

Your Star Trek guide

Your Star Trek Guide – Soul Forge Podcast 293

Your Star Trek guide is a brief primer on the history of the franchise. In this episode, you learn the early history of the series. You also find out about the release dates of the various incarnations of the shows. Viewing order is up to the individual, and you learn


Codependency – Soul Forge Podcast 292

Codependency is a circular relationship in which one person needs the other person, who in turn, needs to be needed. The codependent person, known as ‘the giver,’ feels worthless unless they are needed by — and making sacrifices for — the enabler, otherwise known as ‘the taker.’ Co-dependency is a

Let’s Go To Disney – Soul Forge Podcast 291

Let’s go to Disney with Leah! This week’s episode is an interview with Leah. Leah is an authorized Disney planner. On this episode of Soul Forge Podcast, we are getting a quick primer on the various Disney vacation options. We also learn a few things about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Aged to perspective

Aged to Perspective – Soul Forge Podcast 290

Aged to perspective is not a sentence that makes sense. However, from my point to view, it works perfectly for this episode. I recently came across a meme talking about the age of an actress on Gilligan’s Island. As I have gotten older, she has stayed the same age in

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