The 42cast Episode 55: Flashforward+

After years of messing with the timeline, the Flash becomes embroiled in his daughter’s very own Flashpoint as Nora-West Allen...

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The 42cast Episode 54: Lightning Strikes Twice+

Before Black Lightning season 3 premieres next week, we do our review of season 2. We’re one cast member short...

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The 42cast Episode 53: For We Are Many+

Legion is a mind-trippy story about the most powerful mutant on Earth, who also suffers from severe mental illness. In...

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The 42cast Episode 52: A.K.A. Booze and Bad Attitude+

Last year, before the wave of cancellations of Marvel Netflix series there was hope that we’d be getting these for...

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The 42cast Episode 51: Breaking the Loop+

Many people expected season 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be the end of the series. It had achieved 100...

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The 42cast Episode 50: Smells Like Teen Spirit+

Come celebrate 50 episodes of The 42cast. Unlike other podcasts we’re not doing anything special. We’re just bringing you the...

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The 42cast Episode 49: Disco Fever+

Star Trek: Discovery relaunched the Star Trek franchise on TV after a hiatus of over a decade. Set before the...

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The 42cast Episode 48: Welcome Back, Frank+

The Punisher was the last of the Marvel Netflix series. The Punisher hadn’t been part of the original deal for...

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The 42cast Episode 47: It’s Always Darkest Before it Goes Pitch Black+

Originally, Gotham was going to be the story of a young Jim Gordon fighting crime in Gotham. By the fourth...

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The 42cast Episode 46: My Little Runaway+

Marvel’s Runaways brought the MCU to Hulu. As a continuity light series it allowed the focus to reside on the...

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