Movie Review

It’s never a bad time to return to ‘Downton Abbey’

Although I love British period dramas in general and I have a long list of favorites, none has ever come close to topping Downton Abbey, at least for me.  It has similar ingredients to most period dramas – fancy clothes, a historical setting, hints of drama and scandal – and

The MCU gets trippy with ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘Multiverse of Madness’

Watching the finale of Moon Knight AND Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness within the same week was a lot to process. There’s certainly a lot for fans to talk about after these two mind-bending stories.  I could probably dedicate two separate, rather lengthy blog posts to analyzing these

Movie review: ‘The Lost City’ is a delightfully silly romp

Taking a trip to Disney World is one of my very favorite things. It’s the saying goodbye to Disney World after a trip that always leaves me feeling a little sad.  However, The Lost City was the perfect cure for my post-Disney blues last weekend weekend after I got back

Movie review: The Batman

The Batman is unlike any Batman movie (or superhero movie, even) that I’ve ever seen before.  It leans – very hard – into its gritty, grungy film noir vibe. It’s more of a detective story than a superhero story, and it shows off Batman/Bruce Wayne’s sleuthing skills in a way

TV review: PBS Masterpiece delights with winter double feature

Every time I discover a new show on PBS Masterpiece, I feel like a good friend has invited me over on a wintry evening to enjoy a cozy time chatting by the fireplace and drinking a cup of hot cocoa.  Although a lot of attention these days is devoted to

Why we’re still fascinated by the works of Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s detective classic Death on the Nile was first published in 1937 – a date that’s now 85 years in the past, before the start of World War II, even. I’m sure you could find plenty of works from that same time period that now feel dated and have

TV review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

I’ll never forget the first time I watched the finale of The Mandalorian season 2. Seeing Luke Skywalker show up to fight with his lightsaber was already a huge geek-out moment for me, but I just about fell off the sofa with geeky glee at the post-credits sequence, which featured

2022 entertainment challenge #2: A documentary

Whenever I log into Disney+ to search for something to watch, I always see the National Geographic documentaries pop up in my suggestions. Yet even though the preview image promises beautiful cinematography and an intriguing topic, I inevitably end up scrolling on by.  Sometimes there’s an unfair perception that documentary

2022 entertainment challenge #1: A short film

It’s a new year, and I’m ready for the first challenge I set for myself in 2022. (A quick recap in case you missed the original blog post: This year I made 10 entertainment goals to stretch myself as a blogger and podcaster, including watching a documentary and a foreign

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