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Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. Beyond the geeky deep dives, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, the Millennium Falcon, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk!

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Adam Whetston


With deep sadness we say goodbye to one of the most extortionary musicians to ever grace our show. The following are the two interviews and songs he gave us in our all to brief time together. We encourage you to support his legacy and his family by celebrating his music


* 警告! Thunder Talk是成熟的内容!*تحذير! كلام الرعد هو محتوى ناضج*!Aviso! Thunder Talk é conteúdo adulto! Waarschuwing! Thunder Talk bevat inhoud voor volwassenen! * Avertissement! Thunder Talk est réservé aux adultes! *警告!サンダートークは子供向けではありません!*¡Advertencia! ¡Thunder Talk es solo para adultos!* ¡Advertencia! ¡Thunder Talk es solo para adultos!* هشدار! بحث تندر فقط برای بزرگسالان است!*


If you’re a fan of Thunder Talk then you’re already a fan of Amanda Bones and Hell To Pay Management. Adam and Dan sit down with her and Ashley Rose to discuss their hit new show “How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling”. Then Zack Carpenter joins Amanda in

Woke Nerd Junk

Thunder Talk Issue 36 – A History of…

We reminisce about the good ‘ol days, when movies were rented from video stores, inbreeding was considered a noble tradition, and Russia was always the bad guy. Beth and Kawika weave us through some film and TV talk while Mark and Wheatley take a deeper dive into some premature comic

Woke Nerd Junk

Thunder Talk – Not The Holiday Special

Duane Mark makes his triumphant return with the track “The Crows Know” off his forthcoming EP A Letter To My Enemies. Jon and Joe of Black Market Toast invade the show and Solo Side Project reminds us that “HLY CRP ITS XMS”! Otherwise this episode is all over the place.

Woke Nerd Junk


We both delight and offend in that special way only Thunder Talk can with our break-down of the 2020 U.S. presidential election! Don’t worry. Maybe thirty-odd minutes of this is political. The rest is chalked full of jokes! Either way, you’ll still want to beat us up after the show.


THUNDER TALK Issue 33 – Night of the Living Glamour Zombie

Midnight Halloween Special! The power may be out but the Thunder keeps rolling! Even if a bit delayed… In keeping with Thunder Talk Halloween tradition, stage, screen, and runway sensation Brandon Hilton joins us to celebrate the 10 anniversary global remix release of his hit single “Glamour Zombie”! Speaking of

Thunder Talk Issue 31 – UNPOPULAR

The gang drops a few unpopular options while Mark & Adam free associate about social media faux pas. San Diego county legends The Oxen stop by to discuss their self-titled album and drop the hit single “Earthbound”! Beth and Kawika are on the hunt with their review of VelociPastor in

Thunder Talk Issue 30 – Hell in a Cell at Hogwarts

Professors Melissa Klink and Henry Collazo Canchola give a divinations lesson on what we hate about JK Rowling, love about Harry Potter, and the future of the Wizerding World. Mark McCray goes live during his recent Covid test and modern composer James Cooper invites us on a psychedelic journey into

Ep 29 pic

Annual 2 / Part 2!

Mark and Dan reflect on the life and passing of Representative and civil rights giant John Lewis in a candid discussion about how far his efforts have brought us and the “good trouble” still left to be done. Singer, song writer extraordinaire Duane Mark performs his hit single “Alone Again” 

BIG HITS: (High Tides and Green Grass) Annual 2 pt.1

We’ve come a long way in two years and the Thunderverse keeps on rolling! In this episode we’ll be looking back on a few of our favorite segments, revisiting some old friends, and blasting out plenty of encore performances from our musical guests. We’ll be back next Issue with all

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