Blurred Nerds

Don’t panic! They’re professionals.

The Blurred Nerds Podcast: A bi-weekly show hosted by Lil’ Bit & The Geekfather fueled by a robust appreciation for current, nostalgic and sometimes out of this world pop culture. Riding the internet train since 2015, be sure to grab your pillow and come join us for a geeky conversation. Don’t panic! They’re professionals.

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Lil Bit

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 249

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Did We Need This: Starting us off this episode, we catch up on some recent nerd news. Microsoft announces they are buying Activision Blizzard, Paramount+ gives us many renewals and Disney drops the Moon Knight trailer. Plus, thanks to Vulture – we return

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 248

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: A look at Geek Dating apps: The GeekFather has taken the plunge into genre specific dating apps. The journey has just begun, but he gives us some initial thoughts on platforms LFGdating and Kippo – expect updates to come in the future. We

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 247

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: An exciting return to sold out movies: Spider-Man: No Way Home has accomplished what other movies haven’t been able to over the pandemic – sell out multiple showings and bring packed movie-going experiences back to the masses. Both Lil’ Bit & The Geekfather

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 246

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Disappointed: What do Invasion and Encounter have in common? Aliens! And what do both of them lack? ALIENS. We discuss our frustrations and disappointment with both of these to start off the episode. Then we jump into our biweekly recap of genre shows

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 245

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Is there such a thing as too much dessert?: Time for a post Turkey Day recap where we discuss the age old question of how much food is just too much. 🤣 Also, now that holiday breaks have hit, we have time to

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 244

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Movie reviews from the theater and streaming: Don’t listen to the critics or aggregator scores folks! Go see a movie for yourself before reading reviews or checking the ratings from people who are paid to find flaws – you just might enjoy it

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 243

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe: Dune Part 1 is finally here! We chat about our impressions of the film and try to be as spoiler free as possible. Suffice to say, we loved it. The epic scale, the score, surprising

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 242

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: G4 goes linear and the Guardians find their Warlock: Big new from G4 – they’ll be returning to linear TV on November. That means more Attack of The Show, Ninja Warrior and new programs will soon be here! James Gunn has confirmed it

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 241

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: New shows, an old favorite returns and a possible strike looms: Fall means we are finally getting some new premieres. Foundation has arrived on Apple TV, the Great British Bake Off returns for more and just in time for the spooky season, Mike

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 240

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Dragon Con 2021 recap Lil’ Bit is returns from Dragon Con and offers some thoughts on the show. After a two year break, was it everything she hoped it would be? Changes were plenty for this year’s event however, while some things felt

The Blurred Nerds Podcast 239

On this episode of the Blurred Nerds: Show renewals, challenge bans and empty gestures: Good news for karate fans and army of witches stans. Netflix renewed Cobra Kai for season 5 before season 4 even premieres so hopefully than means they are seeing some great things in the episodes yet

The Blurred Nerds Podcast Episode 238

Squad Goals First up this episode, we chat about James Gunn’s take on Suicide Squad. There was comedy, gore, good performances and most importantly heart – all the things we look for in a Gunn production. How else would we have gotten a cute kitty in a Polka Man Suit?

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