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The Soul Forge is a place of silent mystery, quiet contemplation, and outright mayhem!

Shawn Vanderloo guides you through the adventures of living, but mostly talks about stupid things he has done because of girls. Topics include life and love, sex and dating, joy and heartache, memories and loss, and so much more! Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as pretentious as it sounds.

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Shawn Vanderloo

Official Diagnosis – Soul Forge Podcast 239

Official diagnosis – depression! That sounds fun, doesn’t it? Apparently about 10% of people suffer from depression. Of course, they always say suffer from. I suppose they aren’t going to say that 10% of people enjoy depression. Perhaps some folks do, but that seems unlikely to be the case. So,

The Original Geek Twins – Soul Forge Pod 238

Andrew and Shawn are the original geek twins! Ok, maybe not the originals, but they have been geeking out together since the late 1980s. And this is an episode where they join forces to record their first podcast together. They met back in 1987 during the sixth grade. Their bond

22 Tips to Win in 2022 – Soul Forge Podcast 237

Here are my 22 tips to help you win at life in 2022. I searched the internet, I scanned my memory, I looked everywhere, and these are the tips, tricks, rules and guideposts for the year that is 2022. We have likely abandoned our New Year’s resolutions at this point.

Nate’s Nostalgia Tour – Soul Forge Podcast 236

Toys, games, cartoons and more are all a part of Nate’s nostagia tour. Join the Soul Forge podcast as we dive deep into Nathan’s world of collecting! I’ve known Nathan for about 15 years. We worked at The Home Depot together. We bonded immediately over toys and tattoos. Both of

New Year, New Episode – Soul Forge Podcast 235

It’s a new year, and that means it is time for a new episode. It has been a few weeks since the Soul Forge released a new episode. Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy this latest offering of tidbits from my brain! In this week’s episode we explore

How To Start A Podcast – Soul Forge Pod 234

How to start a podcast was originally titled, Wanna Start A Podcast? The original release date was June 6, 2019. This is a rare repeat episode while I try to get my mental health back on track. If you want to know how to start a podcast, or at least

Flawed Perfection – Soul Forge Podcast 233

What is flawed perfection? No one is their ideal self. We all have things about us that we like, and things we can’t stand. This episode was the year end wrap up for 2019. Because I am not feeling like myself lately, it felt like the perfect opportunity for a

Too Much Bread, Not Enough Butter – Soul Forge Podcast 232

Better late than never, it’s an episode called Too Much Bread, Not Enough Butter. What is this episode about? It’s a bit about Christmas. It’s partly about mental health. There’s some pop culture thrown in for good measure. Am I taking a break from the podcast? What am I doing

Woke, but Exhausted – Soul Forge Podcast 231

Woke, but exhausted is an episode about a lot of things. Many different topics are touched on throughout the course of this show. The original intent was to do a deep dive into woke culture. Yet, as I was researching, I realized I do not have the skills to do

New Puppies & the Wheel of Time – Soul Forge Pod 230

New Puppies and the Wheel of Time is a long title for a really fun, yet random episode. We will be covering many different topics this week. You could say this is an update on what has been going on around the Soul Forge headquarters. As of this recording, we

Movember – Soul Forge Podcast 229

Movember is an annual event. Movember involves the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at By encouraging men (whom the charity refers


Crooked Teeth/Straight Path – Soul Forge Podcast 228

Crooked Teeth/Straight Path or how Facebook memories made me realize I am where I need to be. Crooked Teeth/Straight Path is an odd title. Yet I think it very neatly sums up my life and my journey. A longer title would say more, but brevity is sometimes good too! Before

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