I’m finally catching up on Stranger Things: Season 4

This is definitely a case of “better late than never,” but nine months after it dropped on Netflix, I’m finally getting around to watching the fourth season of Stranger Things. Miraculously, I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers, although I know everyone was obsessed with Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill”

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Timestamp #CLS7: The Lost

Class: The Lost (1 episode, s01e08, 2016) From the shadows rises a cliffhanger. Six days after the detention events, bad omens rise as April debuts her song The Lost on a café stage. The Lost is obviously about the Coal Hill Defenders and their families. Of that group, Ram suffers immediate

It’s still worth our time to watch older movies

When I was growing up, I had a number of opportunities to watch older movies. And I have to confess (with no small amount of embarrassment) that at the time I really didn’t enjoy many of these films. I lumped together “all movies made before the 1970s” as if they

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Timestamp #CLS6: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did (1 episode, s01e07, 2016) Meanwhile, not in detention… Miss Quill locks the students in detention and then goes to see Ms. Ames in the school hall. The goal is to remove the arn, but Dorothea Ames warns Quill that the process may

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Timestamp #CLS5: Detained

Class: Detained (1 episode, s01e06, 2016) Confessions, frustrations, and an uncertain future. As four objects fall through space toward a rift, Miss Quill tosses the Coal Hill defenders into detention. She claims to have other things to do as she locks the door. Once she leaves, April unlocks the door

‘All Creatures Great and Small’ truly is some of the best TV right now

I know I’ve blogged before about the new adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small currently airing on PBS Masterpiece (at least twice, in fact). But this truly is one of the best series on TV right now, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly, highly recommend

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Timestamp #CLS4: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart & Brave-ish Heart

Class: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart Class: Brave-ish Heart (2 episodes, s01e04-05, 2016) Loads of character development in a two-hour adventure. Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart Far across the universe in the halls of the Shadow Palace on The Underneath, Corakinus receives word that his servants can make his heart

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Timestamp #CLS3: Nightvisiting

Class: Nightvisiting (1 episode, s01e03, 2016) When memories become weeds. On the two-year anniversary night of Tanya’s father’s death, she is visited by something that resembles him. She doubts his appearance, believing that he is a hallucination, but the being has actual memories of their lives together. If she takes

Growing pains? Checking in on our favorite franchises

There’s been a special tradition missing from my holiday season schedule the last couple of years: going to the theater to watch a new Star Wars movie. I’d gotten used to the release of a new Star Wars movie every year around Christmastime, and for whatever reason, I felt the

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Timestamp #CLS2: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

Class: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo (1 episode, s01e02, 2016) The episode that played with boredom. Picking up after his injury in the fight against the Shadow King, Ram has trouble adjusting to his new leg. His performance during a football game disappoints Coach Dawson and Ram’s father Varun.

My 10 most anticipated geek stories of 2023

1. Dune: Part 2 There’s no competition for my most anticipated movie of 2023: it’s Dune: Part 2, the follow-up to Denis Villeneuve’s masterpiece 2021 adaptation of the first part of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic. I’ve managed to remain (mostly) unspoiled about the events that take place in the latter

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