Book Review

Cryptozoica Book Review By Ron Foriter

‘Cryptozoica’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CRYPTOZOICABy Mark EllisCover & Interior Illustrations by Jeff SlemonsMillennial Concepts404 pgs Mark Ellis is an accomplished writer with a long, impressive history of writing fantastic fiction. When we first heard of this book, a decade ago, we were intrigued. Having grown up reading lots of Lost World adventures from Conan

Becky Share Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE ELDRITCH NEW ADVENTURES OF BECKY SHARPNew Expanded EditionBy Micah S. HarrisMinor Proft Press181 pgs What follows is our review of the first edition released in 2008. All we’d add to it is the expanded edition has more wonderful artwork and a cleaner overall design. Still a great book.  One

The Decent Inn of Death

‘The Decent Inn of Death’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE DECENT INN OF DEATHA John Madden MysteryBy Rennie AirthPenguin Books353 pgs In a small village town, church organist Greta Hartman is found dead face down in a creek after having supposedly fallen off a slippery bridge. The problem is her best friend, Very Cruickshank doesn’t believe the fall was

Verses of the Dead Book Review by Ron Fortier

Verses for the Dead Book Review By Ron Fortier

VERSES FOR THE DEADA Pendergast NovelBy Preston & ChildGrand Central Publishing365 pgs The Pendergast thrillers have remained our favorite ongoing pulp series ever since one of dear friends sent us a copy of “The Cabinet of Curiosities” ages ago. Upon reading it, we were instantly mesmerized by the character of

Cursed Sands Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Cursed Sands’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CURSED SANDSBy B.C. JamesAvailable at Amazon96 pgs. Having read some of our reviews, writer B.C. James send along his self-published “Cursed Sands” asking if we’d read and review it. Coming in at only 96 pgs, this volume is a novella which gives proof to the old adage, “Big things come

And The Sun Goeth Down Book Review By Ron Fortier

AND THE SUN GOETH DOWN Book Review By Ron Fortier

AND THE SUN GOETH DOWNBook Two of The Vim Hood ChroniclesBy Terry MarkSelf-Published-Available At Amazon350 pgs Last year writer Terry Mark wowed us with his debut novel, “Kill The Night.” It was the first of his ongoing series, The Vim Hood Chronicles. In that adventure, Thomas Edison and Nikla Tesla

Hot Lead, Cold Justice Book Review

‘Hot Lead, Cold Justice’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

HOT LEAD, COLD JUSTICEA Caleb York WesternBy Mickey Spillane & Max Allan CollinsKensington Books200 pgs.Available 5/26/2020 With the fourth novel in this series, Max Allan Collins puts his hero, gunslinger turned Sheriff, Caleb York, up against a vicious gang of outlaws while at the same time dealing with the disastrous

Mort Konstler book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Mort Kunstler’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

MORT KUNSTLERThe Godfather of Pulp Fiction IllustratorsEdited by Robert Deis & Wyatt new texture131 pgs. After thoroughly enjoying this latest title from Men’s Adventure Magazines (MAMS) historians Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle, we logged on to Wikipedia to get a more complete history on artist Mort Kunstler and his

Dead Jack Book Review by Ron Fortier

‘Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

DEAD JACK and the Pandemonium DeviceBy James AquiloneHomunculus House206 pgs Every now and then we are introduced to new writer who proves New Pulp fiction is alive and well. Such a writer is James Aquilone and his first novel is a rollicking trip down weird twisted roads unlike anything we’ve

The Cutthroat Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Cutthroat’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE CUTTHROAT(An Isaac Bell Adventure)By Justin Scott & Clive CusslerPutnam Books381 pages We’ve been fans of this series since first created by Clive Cussler and then picked up by Justin Scott. These are historical action packed stories of a turn-of-the-century Van Dorn detective Isaac Bell and accurate settings and history

The Writers Guide To Pulp Fiction Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO PULP FICTION:The Heroes, TheVillains and the Writers.By Jonathan W. SweetBrick Pickle Media138 pgs. We really appreciate little introductory books like this one written by award winning journalist and editor Jonathan W. Sweet. It offers a very clear cut explanation of what pulp fiction is and its

‘Straight Out of Deadwood’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

STRAIGHT OUT OF DEADWOOD Edited by David Boop Baen Books 265 pgs All too often we’ve heard literary types bemoan the fact that the art of writing short stories is dead in America. Now that is geared to the fact that many of the classic slicks like Saturday Evening Post

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