In depth look at horror films. These horror films will give you night terrors.

This week’s podcast will discuss Timmins’ Night Terrors Film Fest, the best horror films of the year, Paul’s top 10 science fiction films, some TV and more.

Devil’s Revenge trailer. William Shatner and Jeri Ryan star in this direct to video film. It looks bad. It looks cheesy. We will watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

TV show discussion. Robin finally got around to watching Dark Matter on Netflix, and he gives us his opinion. Eddie tells us a bit about season 3 of Glow.

It Chapter 2 is now in the theatre. Eddie has seen it. He gives us his breakdown, opinion and a rating.

Our UK Correspondant Paul (Firbob) Wright hits us with his top 10 favourite sci fi films of all time.

Eddie fills us in on the best horror films of the year. These include The Intruder, Us, Ready or Not, and Crawl. He gives us his top 5 favourite classic horror films. And he tells us all about the Night Terrors Film Fest being held this October here in Timmins.

We have the cast details for the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

RIP Eddie Money 1949 – 2019

This week’s podcast promo: Watchathon of Rassilon