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Earth Station Trek – Jinaal – Episode 162

Michael and Book take a hike! Saru and T’Rina have their first fight! And Tilly dresses down a superior officer! This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew is talking about “Jinaal”- Episode 3 of Star Trek: Discovery Season 5! Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive

Our First Fight

Our First Fight – Soul Forge Podcast 319

Our first fight recently took place. What was it about? How did the issue get resolved? Find out on this exciting episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! This particular episode premieres on April 11, 2024. It was 17 years ago on this date that Shawn joined the Post Office. Since

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Ghost on Ice

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Ghosts on Ice. This week we head back to the Empire state as the Ghostbusters return to the firehouse for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire. Warm up your proton packs. In science we discuss stinky galaxies, new livers, invisibility shields, and litter from space. In Nerd News we talk

Tales From Hollywoodland Ep 36 - Brando

Brando – The Man In The Leather Jacket

This week on Tales from Hollywoodland, Arthur, Julian, and Steve explore the mannerisms, machismo, and mythos of the truly iconic actor, Marlon Brando. From yelling “Stella!” so memorably in A Streetcar Named Desire, to his mumblings in the jungle in Apocalypse Now, with a visit along the way to The Wild One, Guys and

Flopcast 622 Kaptain Kool and the Kongs comic book

Flopcast 622: Superchick Deep Dive Part 2 – We Like to Be Around

Flopcast episode 622! Let’s wrap up our review of The Krofft Supershow, a super-silly Saturday morning TV show from mad geniuses Sid and Marty Krofft. The second season brought us two weird new segments: Magic Mongo (in which a goofy genie crashes a bikini beach party) and Bigfoot and Wildboy (in

From Beyond The Grave | Episode 406

Jim reflects on the final anthology film by Amicus Productions – 1974’s “From Beyond The Grave,” starring Peter Cushing, David Warner, Wendy Allnutt, Rosalind Ayres, Marcel Steiner, Ian Brennen, Donald Pleasence, Angela Pleasence, Diana Dors, John O’Farrell, Ian Carmichael, Margaret Leighton, Nyree Dawn Porter, Ian Ogilvy, Lesley-Anne Down, Jack Watson,

The Earth Station DCU Episode 373 – Right Up the Wazoo

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs think that if you don’t like these reviews than you can stick them right up the Wazoo! Jaime and his team work together to put an end to the Red Scarab in Blue Beetle #6. Superman must deal with

The Epsilon Three Episode 120 – The Legend of the Rangers

The Epsilon Three bring you their review of the Babylon 5 Episode: The Legend of the Rangers (SciFi Channel TV Movie). The adventures of a crew of Rangers, who are called upon to escort a group of diplomats and end up in conflict with a dangerous new enemy known as the

Earth Station Who Ep 348 - The Space Museum Review

Doctor Who: The Space Museum Review

Embark on a time-traveling adventure with the Earth Station Who Podcast as we delve into the iconic Doctor Who story ‘The Space Museum’! Join our hosts as they dissect and analyze every twist and turn of this classic episode, featuring the First Doctor and his companions. From thrilling encounters with

Earth Station Trek – Discovery Season Five Premiere – Episode 161

This week the EARTH STATION TREK crew is reviewing the two-episode Season 5 premiere of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY! Join us for a discussion of “Red Directive” and “Under the Twin Moons”! Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

International love

International Love – Soul Forge Podcast 318

International love is the tale of two strangers who became friends, and then embarked on a long distance relationship. This multi-year romance blossomed. Soon, it turned into a 90 day fiance situation. A year ago they moved in together. Six months ago they married. This is their story. But that’s

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 83: Babylon 5, Se5 Review

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 83: Babylon 5 Se5 Review (Recorded on The Epsilon Three). This week we take a look back at season five and pick out our favourite episodes. Also we include our favourite epsiodes of the season and compare use to IMDB. What are your thoughts on

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