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Mighty Marvel Geeks 314: Jim Rockford In The Wakanda Files

Circle in Field Agents…this issue is a doozy!! Your Intrepid Trio manages to have the MOST EFFICIENT podcast…maybe ever? We have a discussion that goes down a rabbit hole, results in a discussion we’d planned for the show, and in the process, we are able to squeeze in the major

Calm, Coull & Collected

Calm, Coull & Collected: Robin Goes Home – Soul Forge Podcast 176

You remember brother Robin and his trials and tribulations. In this episode, Calm, Coull & Collected: Robin Goes Home – 176, my brother opens up about where he has been, and where he is now. His journey has had many ups and downs, but it appears he may be on

But First Let's Talk Nerdy 27

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 27: Happy Halloween!!!

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 27: Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s not Halloween without watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, nor can you go through the spooky season without a good spooky read. Martha suggests Something Wicked This Way Comes. But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Instagram! Please rate

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Revisiting Camp Crystal Lake

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Revisiting Camp Crystal Lake. Happy Halloween Cigar Nerds. This week we’re celebrating 40 years of Friday The 13th and discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our favorite masked killer, Jason. In science we look at printing circuits on flesh, VR for dogs, Ultra white,

The Earth Station DCU Episode 210 – Killed by Space Junk

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs are almost killed by space junk! The Joker-Who-Laughs wants to create his own multiverse in Dark Nights: death Metal #4. Batman hunts down a killer in Detective Comics #1028. Darkseid returns to his former glory in Justice League Odyssey

Ring of Thunder episode 34 – The Last Firefly Fun House On The Left

Sexy Thor comes off of yelling about puritans and things that are literally in the book to talk about Bound For Glory and Hell In A Cell and things leading up to it, including Bray Wyatt getting a co-host for Firefly Fun House after The Fiend dunked on Retribution.  Its

The Flopcast

Flopcast 442: Amazing

Flopcast episode 442! We lost a hero this week, so this show is our memorial tribute to James Randi. As a magician, The Amazing Randi performed around the world, toured with Alice Cooper, and taught Fonzie an escape trick on Happy Days. (By the way, Happy 75th Birthday to Henry Winkler!)


The 42cast Episode 93: This is the Way

The Mandalorian season 2 is coming fast, so this week we take a look back at season one. We discuss the series legacy from westerns and samurai films. We talk about the idea of a Star Wars story without Jedi or Sith. We debate the importance of Baby Yoda. We

Time, Space and the Human Race – Rusted Robot Podcast 311

People, places and things…this week we bring you time, space and the human race. We are your weekly geekly source for everything important happening in the nerd realm. The Atari VCS console is coming in November. Atari’s new system will be out just in time to compete with the Sony

Earth Station Who Ep 256

Earth Station Who – The Keys of Marinus

The Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus has lost his keys and it is up the First Doctor and crew to find them! Mike, Mike, Mary, and Julie Filipek join the quest for the keys that turns out to be quite a trial. We want to hear from you! Please

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