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The Epsilon Three Episode 57 – Exogenesis

The Epsilon Three bring you their review of the Babylon 5 Episode: Exogenesis. Franklin and Marcus investigate an outbreak of parasitic aliens in Down Below. Ivanova is tasked with determining whether Lt. Corwin is suitable for the “Conspiracy of Light”. What are your thoughts on this episode? Let us know via

Earth Station Who Ep 311 - Voyage of the Damned

Earth Station Who – Voyage of the Damned

Attention all passengers! The Tenth Doctor has stowed away on the Starship Titanic. Information. You are all going to die. Mike, Mike, and Mary dare to stay in London during the festive season to get a glimpse of the talking conker Bannakaffalatta. We want to hear from you! Please write

The Romulans and Masquerade – Earth Station Trek Episode Ninety-Six

With the Romulans making an appearance in Star Trek: Prodigy, we turn our attention to the televised history of the Star Empire before reviewing the new episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Masquerade” Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

Earth Station One Ep 656 - The 2022 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 2022 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Brace yourself! The holiday season is coming and Mike, Mike, Mary Ogle, Richard Ewell, and Kevin Eldridge have some gift ideas worthy of the ruling house of Westeros. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girls Take, Ashley’s Box Office Buzz, and Shout Outs! We want to hear from you!

Modern Musicology #46 - Banned Songs

Modern Musicology #46 – Banned Songs

This week the Modern Musicology crew ignores what’s good for society and celebrates banned songs! These are the tunes that are too sexual, too controversial, too inflammatory or too revolutionary to be heard on the radio or anywhere else! These subversive tracks include obvious and important things like “Fuck the Police” by NWA and “Cop Killer” by


How To Be Thankful – Soul Forge Podcast 269

How to be thankful is a vital skill in society. There are so many ways in which to present yourself in the world. Being polite and grateful will allow you to get ahead. Not everyone has the skills or the resources or even the desire to show thankfulness. Those that


The 42cast Episode 165: Horror Story

It’s nothing but madness in our latest episode as we review Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Join us as we discuss familiar and unfamiliar stars in this Marvel movie. Along the way we discuss the multiverse, how it’s handled, and the ramifications for Marvel. We opine on the

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 65 – The Terminator Re-Cast

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 65: Terminator Recast. This week Dan came up with the Idea of re-casting the 1980’s movie classic, The Terminator. Who would you have as your Terminator, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. Which actors do you think could play the police lieutenant, The gun shop owner

Flopcast 550 Pillsbury Doughboy balloon in the Macy's parade

Flopcast 550: He’s a Giant Vegetable

Flopcast episode 550! We’re creeping into the holiday season with a concert report, because Boston rock heroes Letters to Cleo are back for their annual homecoming shows. This year they brought along super-cool Brooklyn-based band Thick to open the show, and Cleo frontwoman Kay Hanley is clearly a fan. Throw

The Earth Station DCU Episode 308 – Paranoid Android

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs must face a Paranoid Android. The dinosaur heroes must band together to stop Darkyloseid from destroying their world in The Jurassic League #6. As Alfred and Batman investigate why Damien is after Bruce, The Devil Nezha is taking over

Metal Geeks 227: All About The Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew is excited to bring you this episode with a very special guest, Bryan Ripper, host of the All About The Mouse podcast. We dive into the history of his podcast, his favorite bands, and discussions dive deep into streaming music, the Star Wars Holiday Special, remembering

The Epsilon Three Episode 56 – Dust to Dust

The Epsilon Three bring you their review of the Babylon 5 Episode: Dust to Dust. Bester returns to Babylon 5 to stop the flow of Dust, a powerful new drug which can temporarily unlock telepathic powers. But Captain Sheridan and the crew can’t risk Bester reading their minds and uncovering their

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