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Metal Geeks 171: Metal+ Geekery+

All of the Metal Geeks hosts are in the studio for the latest episode as we reconvene and catch up...

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The Earth Station One Podcast – Music Spotlight On The Kinks+

In 1964, the Davies brothers exploded onto the early rock scene with the winning combination of Ray’s clever lyrics and...

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PCC Multiverse #146- The First Days of Disney Plus, The Mandalorian Epiosde One Reviewed, and Pokemon and Star Wars Hit Store Shelves!+

Disney Plus debuts with a resounding boom as it enters the streaming marketplace. We cover the highs and lows for...

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Marc Maron’s Cats – Soul Forge Podcast 127+

Random updates, general thoughts, Marc Maron’s cats and feedback. This week Shawn is here to provide you with some much...

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NerdLanta Podcast: Episode II – Attack of The Grey Bastards+

This is a flashback episode, dare we say a NerdLanta prequel? Every week we’ll be uploading our classic episodes leading...

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The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 114: Warriors’ Gate (The Backblast Backlash Bounces Back)+

Toni and Joe are joined by R. Alan Siler and Matt Golden to discuss little lion boys, the Who crew that...

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Double Edged Double Bill Episode 80 – The Platoon Revolution War+

Double Edged Double Bill is shipping off for a war film double feature! Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani suit up...

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Flopcast 392: Topiary Joe+

Flopcast episode 392! Okay, let’s take a break from all that controversial train talk! It’s finally time to catch up...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #167- Disney Plus Arrives, 50 Years of Sesame Street, and We Break Down the Major Contenders to Netflix!+

On our latest Pop Culture Cosmos, Josh and Gerald break down the major competitors to Netflix with the arrival this...

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Why Did Earth Explode – Rusted Robot Podcast 267+

Humanity will always be destroyed by robots. The time lines are ragged, but there’s no time for grief–we gotta live!...

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