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Earth Station One Ep 560

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Best &#$@ We Have Ever Eaten III

Hope you are hungry! Mike, Mike, Antony Williams, and Michelle Bourg reveal some of the best treats that have tickled their taste buds and where you can indulge yourself as well. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box office Buzz, and Shout Outs! We want to

how to be a man

How To Be A Man – Soul Forge Podcast 186

Or, more simply, how to be a decent person. Years ago I came across some decent advice. Essentially, this was 32 pieces of wisdom to pass on to your son(s). The idea behind the whole thing, was to teach young boys how to behave as men. Hence, the how to

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 16 – Snips DVD Rental Store

When was the last time you rented a DVD? Was it that long ago that it was actually a VHS Video? More than likely it was from Blockbuster or maybe even a local Video Rental store. But those days are long gone and with the advent of online streaming, Satellite

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 140 – Carrot Top Made a Maze

Double Edged Double Bill has a new hour of material! So, Adam and Thomas along with special guest Sara Sorrentino of Seequels, Film Cred and Talk Film Society to talk all about stand up comedian film vehicles. First, Carrot Top takes his “comedy” to the silver screen in the infamous

The Flopcast

Flopcast 454: Memorial Show Part 2 – And the Rest

Flopcast episode 454! Okay, let’s wrap up our 2020 memorial list, with everyone we lost in the second half of the longest year in history. (As with last week’s show, strong beverages are strongly recommended.) Including (and this isn’t the whole list): Our skeptic hero (James “The Amazing” Randi), professional

The Earth Station DCU Episode 222 – The Future is Now

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs realize the future is now! The Clownhunter turns to Leslie Thompkins for help in Batman Annual #5. Diana becomes a wife in Sensational Wonder Woman #1. Endless Winter ends in Justice League: Endless Winter #2. The heroes fight their

Ring of Thunder episode 46 – A Hadouken Of Bliss

Sexy Thor finally finds a match way more out there than the Firefly Fun House match finally as Ethan Page faces himself(sort of) on the Hard to Kill PPV while one of his favorite superstars can now throw fireballs.  2021 is really becoming quite the year already, isn’t it? #esonetwork

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