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Ring of Thunder episode 45 – Pearce The Fale

All sorts of fun stuff in the first full week of 2020 with Wrestle Kingdom night 2, NXT New Year’s Evil, New Year’s Bash Night 1, Impact’s Genesis, some shenanigans with a gauntlet match and Snoop Dogg becoming Splash Dogg! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4Thunderdome Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod

Full Immersive Experience

The Full Immersive Experience – Rusted Robot Podcast #320

It’s the 7th year anniversary of the podcast, but we don’t mention this fact at all. Instead, Shawn is joined by his brother Robin via Skype for this first episode of 2021. We are back and better than ever. Prepare yourself for the full immersive experience of the Rusted Robot

Metal Geeks 192: 2020 Rewind Geekery

We are officially in 2021, and it is time for our yearly rewind on the past year on our favorite films, TV series, video games, and some of our musical choices from the past year. Joining the Metal Geeks crew are Sean the Metal Pigeon from MSRcast and Brian the

Earth Station One Ep 558

The Earth Station One Podcast – 2020 In The Geek Seat

There’s no question that the past year put all of us through the wringer, so it’s only fair that we return the favor. Mike, Mike, Ashley, Keith Johnson, and the award-winning author Bobby Nash review the highs and lows along with what they each look forward to in 2021. All

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Ep# 24 – Wonder Woman 1968?

Wonder Woman made her small screen debut almost fifty years ago, but not in a way you would expect. Mark and Dan explore her Saturday morning origins all the way through the modern cable era. You’ll be fascinated by both when, and how, Diana Prince finally got animated! 00:00:25 The

uncork it

Uncorking The New Year – Soul Forge Podcast 184

Welcome back to the Soul Forge Podcast. We hereby present to you, for your listening pleasure, the first episode of 2021. There is no specific topic this week, but we do cover a lot of information and ideas. Uncorking the new year is a big job, but someone has to

Earth Station Who Ep 261

Earth Station Who – Revolution of the Daleks

You say you want a revolution? Well, you know Mike, Mike, Mary, Robert McIntyre, and Dan Hitch saw the Thirteenth Doctor break in the new year with some old acquaintances as well as a surprise potential one. We want to hear from you! Please write to us at . Also,

Cosmic Pizza Podcast: Episode 14 – Desert Island Discs Part 2

Episode 14 sees the return of Lee Tomlinson’s Desert Island Discs with the last 5 out of his top ten films that he owns. The last one is his favourite film of all time. Can you guess which one that would be? The films discussed in this episode are… Dirty

But First Let's Talk Nerdy 36

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 36: Christmas is over. Back to comics.

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 36! Happy New Year, everyone! Did you miss us last week? We missed you. We are back for the first Tuesday of 2021! Brittany talks about Steve Trevor, and Martha talks about the whole damn Guthrie Family. But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Instagram!

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 138 – Nicolas Cage In Next It’s Mandy

Nicolas Cage is celebrating a birthday this week! So, Double Edged Double Bill is giving him the gift that keeps on giving: an episode all about him! Adam and Thomas bring back returning guest James Rodrigues of The Reviewing Rodders to examine the unique and bizarre enigma that is Nicolas

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