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The Blurred Nerds Podcast 236

The 2021 Emmy Nominations show geeks some love! This year’s crop off Emmy noms cover a wide swatch of genre faves. The Mandalorian, The Boys, WandaVision and Lovecraft Country among others received lots of favor this year! But will the voters ultimately stick with tradition or begin to truly recognize

NerdBliss – Episode 148 – Revelator (with guest Jon Rasmussen)

Revelator started as an online collaborative project in 2011 and matured into a live indie rock band with the release of their 2017 album #Muricana. Heath Lane and Jon Rasmussen have been with the project from the start, acting as the creative force for the album. Jared Burger and William

Earth Station One Ep 585 - Black Widown

The Earth Station One Podcast – Black Widow Movie Review

The MCU finally returns to the big screen and the ESO Movie Crew are back as well. Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley infiltrate the Red Room along with Natasha and her dysfunctional family. Plus, Mark Stancil and Daniel Hancock reveal all of the latest projects from Terminus Media while being

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives – Nintendo on Saturday Morning

Playa Two Has Entered the Game!  Your podcast Mega Man, Mark McCray, recounts the Legend of Mario as portrayed by Captain Lou Albano.  But it’s not all ,B,A START. SEGA has its own Saturday Sonic genesis while Dan ports his arcade failiers to the home console. Time to blow on

Purple El Camino – Soul Forge Podcast 211

Buy that purple El Camino? While many people on Facebook are encouraging, they do not know my car buying history as well as I do. Just because you want something, (like a purple El Camino) doesn’t mean you should get that thing. That statement could be a mantra for my

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 165 – Come On And Snatch If You Wanna Space Jam

Usually, athletes aren’t natural actors. Yet, we constantly see them crossover into cinema with dicey results. So, Adam and Thomas are discussing at two films with varying degrees athletes performing as on screen talent in “honor” of Space Jam A New Legacy coming out! First, footballer Vinnie Jones and competitive

Star Trek

The 42cast Episode 117: Enterprising Endeavor

Star Trek is arguably the most influential science-fiction franchise of all time. The series that almost didn’t make it after a failed pilot got its second chance and rose to international success that has lasted for more than 50 years. In this episode we delve into the idea of what

Ring of Thunder episode 71 – The Great Asgardian Bash 2021

Sexy Thor reaches for the Skye and finds the Powerr of the Best In The World.  Now that’s a reference laden description worthy of the Thunderverse!  The Great American Bash returns to NXT and AEW finally returns to rage on the road! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4DaParty Ring of Thunder socials

Flopcast 479 Short Circuit

Flopcast 479: Movies of 1986 – My Eyeball Tutor

Flopcast episode 479! With the long-delayed release of Black Widow this week, many humans finally returned to actual movie theaters, where the $14 boxes of Raisinets had been waiting patiently since last year. Meanwhile Kevin and Kornflake are flopping back to 35 years ago, when the only Marvel movie in theaters was… Howard

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