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Flopcast 468: Love Boat FlopFight Part 2 – Bunny Boats

Flopcast episode 468! Time to wrap up our latest exciting and stupid FlopFight tournament! Only one member of the Love Boat cast shall survive! Your classic Love Boat crew is here, of course, including Isaac the bartender, Julie the cruise director, and Gopher the… whatever it is that Gopher does. A few lesser known

Ring of Thunder episode 60 – This Is A Rebellion, Isn’t It?

Impact held its Rebellion PPV and we find out who is now the unified Impact World Champion and AEW World Champion.  Is it Rich Swann?  Is it Kenny Omega?  Is it Swoggle????  Plus we try to recap the important stuff that happened over the last two weeks because Sexy Thor

Earth Station Trek Episode Fifteen – First Officers Number Two

Join your hosts Charles Kelso, Keith Johnson, Alan Siler, and Veronica Dashiell as that continue their discussion of First Officers, Number Two! This week they discuss Kira, and how Deep Space Nine has the best character growth, Chakotay, and how Voyager has the least amount of character growth, and T’pol,

The Earth Station DCU Episode 236 – Growing Pains

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs are feeling some growing pains as we discuss these CW Shows. Batman leaves the Batcave forever and crosses the pond to investigate a mysterious crash of a Wayne Airlines plane in Batman: The Detective #1. Jim Gordon picks up

Earth Station Trek Episode Fourteen – First Officers Number One

Join your hosts as they delve into the world of First Officers. Find out who thinks Riker is a better First Officer than Spock, and if this person will stay married after their significant other finds out! This week they cover the first three First Officers, Number One, Mr. Spock,

The 2021 Dragon Con Report Ep 4

The 2021 Dragon Con Report Episode 4

Blessed are the folks who honor Dragon Con in their hearts and keep it all the year! Mike, Mike, Darren, and Jen are joined by Mindy Kidd and Chuck Corum, who both help keep the spirit of the con alive via social media communities. Get the vaccine so we can

Metal Geeks 199: Predictional Geekery

First off, apologies for the audio issues during this episode. The gremlins took ahold of this episode and will be banished and we will back to normal by the next one. Cary the Metal Geek and George were joined by the voice from the other room, Kimmu Borgir, aka Cary’s

Earth Station One Ep 573 - Attack The Block

The Earth Station One Podcast – 10th Anniversary of Attack the Block

A decade ago, a wave of alien nasties invaded South London and had a close encounter with a future ex-stormtrooper, timelord, and a legend of tomorrow. Mike, Mike, Alex, and Channing Sherman discuss the legacy of Joe Cornish’s directorial film debut. Plus, we revisit the stand-up comedy scene of the

Best Saturdays of Our Lives – Tom Cook & Bill Golliher @SCCC

SC Comicon! South Carolina’s premier comic convention recently hosted Tom Cook and Bill Golliher, two giants of the animation and comic book industry. Armed with great questions provided by Mark McCray, and with the assistance of Mike Faber and the ESO Network, Dan had an opportunity to speak with these

When good things end

When Good Things End – Soul Forge Podcast 199

When good things end is the 199th episode of the Soul Forge Podcast. And yet, it’s so much more than that. This episode is a kind of eulogy for the Rusted Robot Podcast. Rusted was my baby for more than 7 years, and I did everything I could to make

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