Shawn Vanderloo

Boobs, burgers and beer!

Boobs, Burgers and Beer – soul forge podcast 329

Boobs, burgers and beer! These are three things that almost everyone loves. This episode tells you all about the upcoming fashion show hosted by Amore: For Your Pleasure. On this episode of the Soul Forge Podcast, your host Shawn goes on location for a chat with Gaelyn, the owner of

What We Leave Behind

What We Leave Behind – soul forge podcast 328

What we leave behind is not nearly as important as what we take with us. At least, when it comes to moving or down-sizing. This is nothing to do with the legacy of our lives. This week the podcast tackles the topic of finding a new home. Leah’s dad is

The Chicken King

The Chicken King – Soul Forge Podcast 327

The Chicken King presents Grampy D’s original recipe. This week the Soul Forge Podcast crew is on location. We find ourselves at Bruni’s Fine Foods for a taste testing. David Poluck from Northern Jewellery and Crafts is the Chicken King. He has created a unique chicken coating mix. The event

Bridgerton, Bacon, The Boys and More

Bridgerton, Bacon, The Boys and More – Soul Forge #326

Bridgerton, Bacon, The Boys and More! Food, History, television shows, work, feedback and more on this week’s episode. No topic is too obscure for us to cover! The weather is our first mini topic. A veritable heat wave has descended upon us. From hail to humidity, no one is safe

Taking Care of Dad

Taking Care of Dad – Soul Forge Podcast 325

Taking care of dad for our Father’s Day episode! We start this episode with a brief history of how Father’s Day began. Did you know this holiday is not much older than a century? In fact, Father’s Day was introduced in 1910. Naturally, it was a response to Mother’s Day

Chuck's Roadhouse Restaurant Review

Chuck’s Roadhouse Restaurant Review – Soul Forge #324

Chuck’s Roadhouse Restaurant Review! New ideas are brewing at Soul Forge HQ. Shawn and Leah are bringing you more excitement and adventure. The topics are going to be vast and wide-ranging. We plan to bring our listeners an enhanced podcast experience. Stay tuned for the updated format! We recently got

Let's Host A Yard Sale

Let’s Host A Yard Sale – SOUL FORGE PODCAST 323

Let’s Host A Yard Sale! We love yard sales. Hosting them. Going to them. Finding hidden treasures. There is very little not to love about a yard sale. Or should we call it a garage sale? On this episode of the Soul Forge Podcast, Shawn and Leah talk everything there

Wedding Week

Wedding Week Adventures – Soul Forge Podcast 322

Wedding Week Adventures or our wedding in Las Vegas and our honeymoon in California. Leah and Shawn flew to Las Vegas to get married. After spending a few days in Sin City, they drove to Cathedral City, California. This episode of the Soul Forge is a day by day recap

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown – Soul Forge Podcast 321

The final countdown is episode 321! The wedding of the century is almost upon us. Shawn and Leah will be married in Las Vegas on May the 4th. This episode of the Soul Forge discusses their plans and the countdown until the big day! But first, we talk about smile

Animal Consciousness

Animal Consciousness and Other Ideas – Soul Forge 320

Animal Consciousness and Other Ideas! Are animals self aware? Scientific evidence supports the assumption that it “feels like something” for a fish to be caught on a hook. Shawn and Leah have a bit of a lively discussion regarding animal consciousness. They talk about their dads, wedding preparations, taxes, television

Our First Fight

Our First Fight – Soul Forge Podcast 319

Our first fight recently took place. What was it about? How did the issue get resolved? Find out on this exciting episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! This particular episode premieres on April 11, 2024. It was 17 years ago on this date that Shawn joined the Post Office. Since

International love

International Love – Soul Forge Podcast 318

International love is the tale of two strangers who became friends, and then embarked on a long distance relationship. This multi-year romance blossomed. Soon, it turned into a 90 day fiance situation. A year ago they moved in together. Six months ago they married. This is their story. But that’s

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