Shawn Vanderloo

You Can’t Halt the Future – Soul Forge Podcast 260

You can’t halt the future, no matter how much you try! My son Bishop comes for a visit! Five months ago, in April, I moved from Timmins back to my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. This move was 19 years in the making. Fear held me back. Due to a

Stop Being Polite – Soul Forge Podcast 259

Should we stop being polite? Is the act of being polite something that binds society together and allows civilization to function? Those are heady questions we do not have answers to in a 20 minute podcast. However, we will be conducting an exciting discussion into the nature of politeness. You

Looking Backwards and Forward – Soul Forge Podcast 258

Looking Backwards and Forward Everything you want is on the other side of fear. There are a few things I have learned after podcasting about myself for the last 5 years. When you take a good hard look at your life, you should see areas where you can improve; areas

The Need For Rest – Soul Forge Podcast 257

The need for rest is something we often forget about. The need for rest is more important than we give it credit for. Recent research has revealed that people perform better at work and in life if we practice strategic renewal. If you’re rundown you’re more susceptible to getting sick

Self-Worth — Soul Forge Podcast 256

Self-worth and self-value are two related terms that are often used interchangeably. Having a sense of self-worth means that you value yourself, and having a sense of self-value means that you are worthy. The differences between the two are minimal enough that both terms can be used to describe the

Vintage Games & NerdCon – Soul Forge Podcast 255

Vintage Games & NerdCon is coming next weekend. An interview with Mike, owner of Vintage Games and Junque. We are talking about the upcoming Steel City NerdCon being held this July 2 at the Bushplane Museum in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Vintage Games & NerdCon! Mike and his wife

Short Attention Span Theatre – Soul Forge 254

Short attention span theatre is here! Captain Distraction strikes again. And appears when you least expect it. Short attention span theatre is a real thing, but also a fun name for this episode. It is our theory that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Shawn believes attention spans have

YouTube Breakfast – Soul Forge Podcast 253

YouTube Breakfast: Problems and Pain is episode 253 of the Soul Forge Podcast! A rare walk and talk episode with great sound quality! This week on the podcast, we are discussing a variety of topics. Join me on my mail route for about 20 minutes as I waxed philosophically and

One Year Sober – Soul Forge Podcast 252

One year sober is a huge achievement. For some, 24 hours of sobriety is almost impossible. This is an episode about alcohol addiction and recovery. This is Amanda’s story. This is how she became one year sober. Amanda has always had an addictive personality. She started with a food addiction,

Long Weekend Camping – Soul Forge Podcast 251

Long weekend camping is a tradition of sorts here in Canada. Long weekends are too far and few between so you absolutely must take advantage of every opportunity. A few days ago, my brother and I, and a couple of his friends went long weekend camping. I shall tell you

Top 10 Things To Love – Soul Forge 250

Top 10 things to love! Do you make a list of your favourite things? How many people out there in podcast-land actually have a running inventory of the things that make them happy? Obviously there is no way of answering that question. On this episode, I run down some of

Is It Poutine or Putin – Soul Forge Podcast 249

Is it poutine or putin? Comparing and contrasting my 2 main homes or cities. I was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie (the Soo), went to university in North Bay, and moved to Timmins at the age of 26. Five and a half weeks ago I moved back to

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