The top 10 best science fiction films according to your favourite host Shawn!

The only criteria for this list: the movies have to have been produced before the year 2000 so as to have achieved some sort of classic status. We do discuss some recent films in our honourable mention category. This list appears in order of film production. The difficulty lies in trying to rank the movies.

Sit back and relax as Shawn tells you why these films are his favourites.

Forbidden Planet – 1956
The Time Machine – 1960
Planet of the Apes – 1968
Star Wars – 1977
The Last Starfighter – 1984
The Terminator – 1984
Flight of the Navigator – 1986
Robocop – 1987
Terminator 2 – 1991
Star Trek First Contact – 1996
Galaxy Quest – 1999

These have been Shawn’s Top 10 SciFi Films on Rusted Robot Podcast episode 258

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