Rusted Robot Podcast

RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 230: Space, Sex Bots and Muppet Mayhem

Space…the final frontier, these are the stories of the lunar lander, sex bots, TV and movie news, and Muppet mayhem! STAR TREK news: Alex Kurtzman reveals a plethora of information about the Star Trek universe. We know what the new Picard series will be dealing with. There are more new

Rusted Robot 5th Anniversary Show!

Rusted Robot’s 5th anniversary episode is here! Come help us celebrate another milestone in podcasting history! 5 years is a long time to talk about pop culture. Join us as we dive into this week in pop culture with comics, movies, TV, and more! 2019 geek movie schedule, Punisher season

Rusted Robot 228: HAPPY GEEK YEAR!

Happy Geek Year! As we look forward to a new year of geeky goodness in the world of pop culture entertainment, we take this time to remember the year that was 2018. On this episode, Shawn and Josh take a trip down memory road. Highlights include some of the movies

Soul Forge 79: The Lonely Shawn Problem

The lonely Shawn, also known as, the sad Shawn episodes were a series of Rusted Robot Podcast shows. For a time, Rusted Robot was co-hosted by husband and wife team Shawn and Brigitte Vanderloo. For a variety of reasons, that relationship fell apart. Yet, the team decided to continue on

Rusted Robot 225: TMNT 2 Drunk Watch

TMNT 2 Drunk Watch! The Rusted Robot gang celebrated their 200th episode by getting drunk and watching the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. After recording that episode they decided to watch the second Turtles film. They were still drunk. Maybe more drunk than they had planned on. So they

Rusted Robot 224: The Smiling Spock Dilemma

Smiling Spock, Star Trek, Space Opera, and Superheroes! We start the episode with a brief discussion of what comes after we die, whether or not we can know of the existence of a creator and an inquiry into atheism versus agnosticism. Talk of Hallowe’en and school project homework leads to

Rusted Robot 223: The Screaming Hestons

Stan Lee, Remakes, Reboots, Trailers, Sequels and everyone needs a screaming Heston! We start the episode with a talk about air travel and action figures and dive right into some geeky ideas for burial traditions. Who doesn’t want to have an amazing tomb? A quick round-up of what we have

Rusted Robot 222: Anime, Cartoons and Space Cigars

The Rusted Robot Podcast is coming at you with a lively discussion on the difference between Anime and cartoons! Captain Picard is the hero we need right now according to author and Trek writer Michael Chabon. “Calypso” the latest Short Trek from Discovery is reviewed. Netflix is adding Anime to

Rusted Robot 221: Klingons Stargate to Thundercon

Your favourite host Shawn, and the Klingons invade Thundercon using the Stargate! This week on episode 221 of the Rusted Robot Podcast, we’re talking about the adventures Shawn had while dressed up as a Klingon. He and his companions drove halfway across the province to Thunder Bay for an amazing

Rusted Robot 220: Danny Trejo Kinda Afternoon

Danny Trejo, flesh masks and the gross wetness! Tune into this week’s Rusted Robot Podcast for all the latest in Netflix and superhero news. Luke Cage cancelled by Netflix, They Live sequel or reboot tease, The Thing (1982) and Night Terrors Film Fest, Superman series coming to CW DCTV? Danny

Rusted Robot 219: Adventures in Space, Time, Comics and Horror

This week The Rusted Robot Podcast tackles Comics, Science, Technology, Horror, TV and more! STAR TREK news: The Picard tv series for CBS All Access will begin production soon and we have the date for Discovery season 2, plus all the information you need about the regularity of Star Trek

Rusted Robot 218: The Young Female Heroine Trope

The main topics on this week’s episode of The Rusted Robot Podcast are the Venom movie, Star Trek Discovery, Doctor Who’s new season starting this weekend, the new BumbleBee trailer, and the female hero! Star Trek: Discovery premieres its first Short Treks episode called “Runaway” and we provide a quick

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