You read that correctly…Even Dead, I’m The Hero. That means this is still my story even if I’m not around to tell it. You need to watch the new Spider-Man movie to really understand.

This week on the podcast, we are celebrating our 250th episode. We have feedback and segment suggestions. We have a couple of movies to discuss. And as always, we are having a great time, drinking tea, and laughing. Settle in for a wild ride as we discuss some new segment ideas for the show. We’ve also got an update to some of our podcast promos. There is so much going on this week that it is difficult to contain everything in one episode.

Spider-Man Far From Home – we take a look at the film, give it some discussion, and we give our reviews.
Star Trek Picard names Michael Chaban as showrunner. Who is this Chaban guy? Listen to the episode for all the latest.
Expendables 4 gets mentioned this week by Sylvester Stallone. Maybe he needs the money. Maybe he likes making films.
Charlie’s Angels, Jumanji Next Level, I Am Mother, and Hell on Wheels are all looked at by the Rusty crew.
Star Trek action figures and Lord of the Rings signed pictures are all mentioned.

Comic book news: Katie tells us about the new Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen comics that are our and on the way. We also learn all about the graphic novel Manfred the Man – Manfred Saves the Day.

This week’s podcast promo: DragonCon Khan Report