Trailers, toys and movie reviews! And a cat who wants to be a podcaster…

Godzilla King of the Monsters. We have all seen the film and we have a spoiler free review and rating. We talk about the CGI effects and the creatures. Too many people!

X-Men Dark Phoenix. Shawn watched the movie and gives a rating a review. Not the best of the X films, but it was alright.

Detective Pikacho. Kitty saw the film with her kids. She says it’s a great family film, and good for all ages.

Marvel Box Sets We are talking about the movies being released by their phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

X-Men Animated series to get possible continuation.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The trailer is out and we have some thoughts to discuss.

Ad Astra is a film we had not heard about, but it has a new trailer. This film looks like Event Horizon, Interstellar, Moon and the Martian all rolled into one.

The Lego Lunar Lander is a new set and it looks amazing. Shawn almost bought it, but didn’t.

Lady Jason PVC statue. A quick review of a new toy for the collection.

Sexy Halloween costumes.

The Mid Winter Witch comic book review.

This week’s podcast promo: Pop Culture Cosmos