Shawn Vanderloo

Soul Forge 53: The Human Race Has No Finish Line

The Soul Forge Podcast attempts to engage in a discussion about culture and the human race. This is a very delicate topic and your host does the best he can to present the material in a friendly, straight forward manner. Currently my office does not have much in the way

Star Wars, Star Trek, Sudbury Graphic Con Road Trip

The Rusted Robot Podcast takes a convention road trip! Sudbury Graphic Con plays host to the Crimson Dawn Klingon Assault Group and The Rusted Robot Podcast, Derrick and the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, How to build a Boba Fett style suit of armor, Con Flu…what is it? What does it

Soul Forge 52: A Look Behind The Curtain

Behind all the geekiness there is something more going on… We’re discussing Gratitude, Gratefulness, and Appreciation Oftentimes, we do not express just how much people mean to us, either for the things they have done, or what they have said. It’s important to acknowledge those people who have helped or

Rusted Robot Podcast Episode 200: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Drunk Watch

The Rusted Robot Podcast has been an ongoing pop culture phenomenon for the better part of 5 years. We’ve gone through ups and downs, co-host changes, and many other wacky adventures. We’ve covered everything from author interviews to movie reviews, Skype chats, and anything else you can think of. Now,

SOUL FORGE PODCAST 51: I Just Got A Divorce

This week’s Soul Forge Podcast goes into a deep dive on all aspects of getting and going through a divorce. It can be messy and emotional and hard to talk about, but this is a subject we are bringing into the light on this week’s episode. The divorce process and

Rusted Robot 199: Star Wars, Thundercats and Robots

The Rusted Robot podcast has a major discussion about capes. Who wears capes the best? The main point is that society should be bringing back the fashion of wearing capes on a regular basis. I’d certainly wear a cape if everyone else was as well. We’ve got your Star Wars

Soul Forge Podcast #50: Minimalism Revisited

For episode 50, I take a look back over the history of the Soul Forge Podcast and pick a topic that requires further investigation. Minimalism is a rather new topic for me, and I’ve been trying to slowly includes aspects of it into my own life. In this episode, I’ll

Rusted Robot Podcast RPGs: A Role Playing Games Primer Episode

Join the Rusted Robot podcast in this week’s Gamer’s Corner! We are discussing many of the various role playing games (also commonly known as RPGs). You’ll learn about Game Masters, sometimes known as Dungeon Masters…as well as the differing types of game dice, and you will discover some common gaming

Soul Forge Podcast 49: Sex, Passion, Enlightenment with Meta Tara

Enjoy this conversation with Meta Tara, the type of woman they fight wars over. She talks about love, sex, spirituality, communication, empowerment and more. Get your mind on track with help from Meta Tara. Meta Tara (Lauren Nicole Peters), is your empowerment guru! We’re talking about sexuality, personal power, self-expression,

Rusted Robot Episode 198: Star Wars, Marvel’s MCU and Mothers of Sci-Fi

198: Star Wars, Marvel’s MCU and Mothers of Sci-Fi May 13, 2018 Star Wars live action TV series! Happy Mother’s Day, Bill and Ted 3, The MCU, Rambo 5 will be a thing, Luke Cage season 2 trailer, Rick Moranis, SpaceBalls and the Goldbergs, Tremors and other cancelled TV shows,

Soul Forge Podcast Episode 48: MUGZY – Australia’s Hip Hop Superstar Rapper

Mugzy – The Down Under Eminem! Reyne Brady’s origin story, Major influences and early life, Fueled by coffee, The wigger phase, Acting career, About Australia, Day job and travel dreams, The message in the music, Facebook Page: ReverdNation: End Song: Chasing You This week’s promo: The Pop Culture

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