Weed is now legal in this country, so let this episode be your welcome to Cannabis Canada!

No matter what you call it, and there are more than 1200 slang terms for it… (Pot, Weed, Blunt, Chronic, 420, Astro Turf, Catnip, Wacky Tabacky, Kush, Cannabis, Marijuana, Roach, Reefer, Doobie, Grass, Ganja, Mary Jane, Dope, The Devil’s Lettuce, etc.) roll up a fancy cigarette and listen to our breakdown of the topic at hand. We cover just about everything you can think of.


where to purchase (you’re gonna need to know this if you want some of the legal stuff)
legal age and restrictions (there are still limitations even though it’s now legal)
zero tolerance and penalties (there’s always something)
possession rules and limits (certain places still won’t allow it, and you have limits on how much you can have with you)
parcel packaging and delivery rules (protecting the mailman is key here)

We discuss our personal experiences with weed and other drugs, including the first times we tried smoking up. We explore some family history, our initial opposition to cannabis and our eventual acceptance.

We talk about puking, ‘pulling a whitey’ and feeling the actual experience of being high. Also included in the discussion are the ideas of bongs and other smoking paraphernalia.

The episode concludes with a brief chat about the meaning of 420 and some of the medical benefits that cannabis provides.

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