Welcome to the batcave on this week’s Rusted Robot Podcast. This time some of the highlights include: Batman, Dare Devil, Joker, Stargirl, Captain Marvel, Star Trek and more…so much more!

Captain Marvel trailer is here and we discuss its details…
Dare Devil season 3 trailer was released and we know the Netflix release date,
Star Trek short treks dates have been revealed and we have the episode breakdown,
Joker movie cast is finally announced, and we talk about the origins of the Joker as a character,
Batman and DC Black Label porn comic controversy…what’s up with showing the Bat Penis? The Bruce Wang…
Roseanne “The Connors” reboot, sitcom tropes and hilarious ideas about tying in the Terminator franchise…John and Sarah Connor,
Space Jam sequel movie news…it’s going to be a thing we suppose,
Vulcan homeworld discovered? There is a planet orbiting 40 Eridani A, the location of the Star Trek species planet,
Patrick Stewart to be cast in the Charlie’s Angels reboot movie,
Avatar: The Last Airbender live action series on Netflix,
Stargirl is coming to TV and it’s going to be on DC’s new streaming service,
The Predator movie review….what did we think?,
Josh’s hunting adventure,
Jump City Hallowe’en Comic Fest,
Upcoming cons: SteelCity NerdCon, Thundercon

This week’s podcast promo: Watchathon of Rassilon