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Timestamp #228: The Girl Who Waited

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited (1 episode, s06e10, 2011) A moral choice reveals the core of Amy and Rory’s relationship. The Doctor takes Rory and Amy to Apalapucia, a resort planet voted the number two place to visit for an intergalactic traveler. They are there because everyone goes to

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Timestamp: Torchwood Series Four Summary

Torchwood: Miracle Day (Series Four) Summary Torchwood‘s fourth series was a train wreck. The concept was pretty interesting – a supernatural event that eliminates death, driven by shadow elements and political conspiracies, and an exploration of how it affects the world – but the execution cut the concept’s hamstrings. One

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Timestamp #TW42: Web of Lies

Torchwood: Web of Lies (Motion Comic Special, 2011) Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Missing Day – 2007: The setting is Cardiff as Jack and Gwen chase a shadowy figure across the rooftops of the city. Gwen loses site of Jack for a

The Grief Portal – Soul Forge Podcast 220

The Grief Portal is the gateway to nostalgia. It can also be a place to be sad, a place to wallow in self-pity if you’re not careful. The Grief Portal can either be a positive place or a negative one. Everything depends on your level of healing. If you are

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Timestamp #TW41: The Blood Line

Torchwood: The Blood Line (1 episode, s04e10, 2011) Everything changes… back. Gwen stares out the window and relates a story about the day that her father was accused of thievery. Young Gwen offered to help pay back the money, but her dad taught her a lesson about impressions and honesty.

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Timestamp #227: Night Terrors

Doctor Who: Night Terrors (1 episode, s06e09, 2011) The Doctor makes a house call. It’s nighttime and time for little George to go to bed. Unfortunately, he’s afraid to do so. His mom flips the lights five times to ward off evil and tells the boy to put his fears

The Earth Station DCU Episode 254 – Superman and Lois Season 1 Finale

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs return to Smallville to discuss the Superman and Lois Season 1 finale! Selena reveals the truth to Helena about the Joker in Batman/Catwoman #6. Supergirl uncovers the truth in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #3. Superman and Manchester Black work

Black Widow

The 42cast Episode 124: Widow’s Might

We almost didn’t make it, but we couldn’t let you have a week go by without another episode of The 42cast. In this episode we discuss the MCU’s summer sensation, Black Widow. We discuss the film’s status as a prequel. We talk about the new characters and where we’d like

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Timestamp #TW40: The Gathering

Torchwood: The Gathering (1 episode, s04e09, 2011) Two months later… Really? Two months? With a critically wounded Jack, a world full of overflow “death” camps, and a planetary economic crash? Times are tough enough that Gwen smashes a car into a local pharmacy, sparing enough time for a stranger to

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Timestamp #226: Let’s Kill Hitler

Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler (1 episode, s06e08, 2011) Hello, sweetie. Prequel A phone rings as the TARDIS is in flight. The answering machine picks up and Amy leaves a message. As the camera pans across the console and the dark control room, Amy asks if the Doctor will fulfill

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Timestamp #TW39: End of the Road

Torchwood: End of the Road (1 episode, s04e08, 2011) We finally start unraveling the twisted web. After the showdown, Olivia takes the Torchwood team to Nevada. Esther remains outside while Jack, Gwen, and Rex are taken to meet Angelo Colasanto, Olivia’s grandfather. Angelo has devoted his entire life in pursuit

PCC M 235

PCC Multiverse #235- The Debate Over Masters of The Universe: Revelation!

Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation series on Netflix has been a hot button issue for pop culture fans since its debut and we go into both sides of the debate as He-Man and The Masters of the Universe fans Noah Ian Fein and Award-Winning director Rob McCallum both

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