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Timestamp #196: The Fires of Pompeii

Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii (1 episode, s04e02, 2008)   Just one act of kindness can make all the difference. The TARDIS door opens on what the Doctor calls ancient Rome. Donna is enamored, particularly by the translation capabilities of the time capsule. She tries a bit of Latin,

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Timestamp #195: Partners in Crime

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime (1 episode, s04e01, 2008)   Only this diet plan can help repopulate a society. After the introduction of a new electric theme mix, we find Donna Noble walking down the street toward a high rise office building. The Tenth Doctor is also arriving, though he

NerdLanta S2 EP3: The Roxie Roz Burlesque Experience

We had an excellent time speaking with Shellie Schmals, Royal Tee and Emily Rose from The Roxie Roz Burlesque Experience. They joined us for Nerd News and our Q&A. We talked about the difference between a GIF and JIF, how Roxie Roz started, what inspires them, upcoming shows and so much

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Timestamp: Torchwood Series Two Summary

Torchwood: Series Two Summary   Torchwood‘s second series took the messages and meanings of Series One to greater heights of humanity, compassion, and companionship. From tales of family and friendship to a mission to save what was effectively a space whale from a life of torture, we saw the next

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Timestamp #TW26: Exit Wounds

Torchwood: Exit Wounds (1 episode, s02e13, 2008)   Gray’s revenge tears Torchwood at the seams. Picking up right where we left off, Tosh detects severe Rift activity St. Helen’s Hospital, the Cardiff Police Station, and the Central IT Server Building. With their SUV missing, the team piles into Rhys’s car

True Love: Josh & Kitty – Soul Forge Podcast 140

True Love: Josh & Kitty – Episode 140 Success in love. This year the Soul Forge is including as many chats with successful couples as it is possible to find. These types of episodes are important in a world that can often seem lonely, cruel and cold. This week, we

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Timestamp #TW25: Fragments

Torchwood: Fragments (1 episode, s02e12, 2008)   Torchwood Three: This Is Your Life! The Torchwood Three team is investigating a derelict building. Ianto pages Gwen to join them as soon as possible, then teams with Owen while Jack and Tosh take a different direction. As they explore, they each find

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Timestamp #TW24: Adrift

Torchwood: Adrift (1 episode, s02e11, 2008)   The Rift taketh and the Rift giveth away. A young man is walking home from football practice along the Cardiff Bay Barrage when he vanishes in bright light and a gust of wind. Seven months later, Gwen and PC Andy Davidson are investigating

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Timestamp #TW23: From Out of the Rain

Torchwood: From Out of the Rain (1 episode, s02e10, 2008)   Have you heard the music? At a local carnival, local residents attend a show, but the whole affair vanishes and leaves a single woman standing in the field alone. Flashing forward to the future, a man who is reviewing

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Timestamp #TW22: Something Borrowed

Torchwood: Something Borrowed (1 episode, s02e09, 2008)   Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… goo? Gwen is running late for her bachelorette (hen) party. She was in pursuit of a carnivorous shape-shifter when she was bitten on the arm. Jack shot the creature and Owen tended to her wounds

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Timestamp #TW21: A Day in the Death

Torchwood: A Day in the Death (1 episode, s02e08, 2008)   “If there is even a tiny glimmer of light, then don’t you think that’s worth taking a chance?” Owen Harper, still a walking dead man, meets a woman on the edge of a building. Maggie Hopley wants to jump


NerdLanta Podcast: Episode XII – Seal Pup & Matt Metzger

This is a flashback episode. Every week we’ll be uploading our classic episodes leading right up to our brand new shows recorded at American Sushi Studios in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA. On this episode, we got to hang out with local musician Jake Cook, from Seal Pup. We had

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