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Timestamp #259: Mummy on the Orient Express

Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express (1 episode, s08e08, 2014) One minute to doom. A sixty-six-second clock begins ticking as Mrs. Pitt and her grandaughter Maisie are enjoying a meal in a luxurious train dining car. Mrs. Pitt spots a “mummy monster” but no one else seems to notice.

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Timestamp #258: Kill the Moon

Doctor Who: Kill the Moon (1 episode, s08e07, 2014) An innocent life versus the future of all mankind. Do you remember Courtney Woods? It seems that she’s been quite the troublemaker after meeting the Doctor. She’s been using the psychic paper to sneak into clubs and stowing away in the

The Land Unknown (Revisited)| Episode 338

Jim revisits a favorite Dinosaur film form his childhood, 1957’s “The Land Unknown,” starring Jock Mahoney, Shirley Patterson, William Reynolds, Phil Harvey, Henry Brandon, Douglas Kennedy and Tim Smyth. An expedition in Antarctica finds four people n a land that has been untouched for millions of years. Can they escape

Earth Station Who Ep 305

Earth Station Who – The Leisture Hive

The Fourth Doctor and Romana go on a relaxing holiday to view different environmental cells designed to produce physical, psychic, and intellectual regeneration. Sounds like fun only a Timelord could enjoy! Mike, Mike, Mary, and Charles Kelso take a leisurely look at the first story in the JNT era. Oh,

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Timestamp #257: The Caretaker

Doctor Who: The Caretaker (1 episode, s08e06, 2014) Life, love, and lies in time and space. Clara and the Doctor begin this adventure chained to posts on Geonosis a red desert planet with no name. The Doctor asks Clara for the vibro-cutters, but she left them in her other jacket.

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Timestamp #256: Time Heist

Doctor Who: Time Heist (1 episode, s08e05, 2014) Doctor Who goes Ocean’s Eleven with the Architect’s Four. The Doctor is trying to convince Clara to take another trip with him, tempting her with the Satanic Nebula and the Lagoon of Lost Stars. Unfortunately for him, she has a date planned with

The Monster That Challenged The World (Revisited)| Episode 336

Jim revisits another favorite “Big Monster” movie from his childhood, the 1957 sci-fi favorite “The Monster The Challenged The World,” starring Tim Holt, Audrey Dalton, Hans Conried, Mimi Gibson, Casey Adams and Barbara Darrow. An earthquake near a remote naval base in the desert unleashes a group of large sea

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Timestamp #255: Listen

Doctor Who: Listen (1 episode, s08e04, 2014) Are we ever truly alone? The Doctor meditates on top of the TARDIS in Earth’s orbit when he whispers the episode’s title. *ding* He later muses in the console room about the habit of talking to oneself when alone. Perhaps it is because

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Timestamp #254: Robot of Sherwood

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood (1 episode, s08e03, 2014) Oo-de-lally? Whilst in the TARDIS, the Doctor writes some equations on a blackboard while offering Clara the opportunity to take them anywhere and any time. She gleefully chooses Robin Hood but the Doctor tells her that the legend is not real.

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Timestamp #253: Into the Dalek

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek (1 episode, s08e02, 2014) A fantastic innerspace voyage. A pilot and her wounded co-pilot desperately fly away from an attacking Dalek ship. The pilot, Journey Blue, calls for help but her ship explodes around her. She awakens in the TARDIS console room and pulls a

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Timestamp #252: Deep Breath

Doctor Who: Deep Breath (1 episode, s08e01, 2014) The last chance for the Paternoster Gang to play Sherlock Holmes. A tyrannosaurus rex stomps through London as the Paternoster Gang responds to investigate. Madame Vastra assumes that the dinosaur traveled through time, a suspicion that is confirmed when she coughs up

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Timestamp: Series Seven, Specials, and Eleventh Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Series Seven, Specials, and Eleventh Doctor Summary The Eleventh’s senior showing was a good wrap to the run. For the purposes of the Timestamps Project, Series 7 and the specials that wrapped up Matt Smith’s era are treated as a single group, and among them were very few

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