Love, Heartbreak and Poetry – SOUL FORGE PODCAST 135

Love and heartbreak both lead to poetry. This week, we take a little trip down memory lane. I’m going through my archives and sharing some of my poetry with you. We will be thinking about love, happiness, longing, anger, acceptance, and so many other emotions. First though, there is some


NerdLanta Podcast: Episode XI – Kym LaRoux. The Satanic Temple

This is a flashback episode. Every week we’ll be uploading our classic episodes leading right up to our brand new shows recorded at American Sushi Studios in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA. On this episode, we got to hang out with Kym LaRoux. He’s one of the council members for

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Timestamp #TW20: Dead Man Walking

Torchwood: Dead Man Walking (1 episode, s02e07, 2008)   It’s a dead man’s party. Picking up immediately after Owen died on the asphalt, Martha Jones prepares to conduct his autopsy as the team observes. Jack bursts in and puts a stop to the procedure until he gets back from seeing

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Timestamp #TW19: Reset

Torchwood: Reset (1 episode, s02e06, 2008)   Side effects may include indigestion, paralyzation, needles to the eye, and death: Ask your doctor if the mayfly is right for you. In the darkness of night, a hunched Weevil scurries into a warehouse followed by the agents of Torchwood Three. The Weevil

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Timestamp #TW18: Adam

Torchwood: Adam (1 episode, s02e05, 2008)   A science-fiction staple trope hits Torchwood Three: Fake memories for everyone! Gwen is late for work due to some morning frolicking with Rhys. Meanwhile, the Torchwood team is investigating a strange box with new team member Adam Smith. Gwen doesn’t recognize him since

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Timestamp #TW17: Meat

Torchwood: Meat (1 episode, s02e04, 2008)   Relationships are tough, but in Torchwood they are tougher. Rhys is driving down the road, singing along to an advertising jingle, when his phone rings. Responding to news of a car accident, he finds that one of his company lorries has overturned and

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Timestamp #TW16: To the Last Man

Torchwood: To the Last Man (1 episode, s02e03, 2008)   A story of love and loss across time. Cardiff, 1918: At the climax of World War I, Gerald Kneale and Harriet Derbyshire of the Torchwood Institute are investigating reports of ghost activity at St. Teilo’s Military Hospital. Heading into the

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Timestamp #TW15: Sleeper

Torchwood: Sleeper (1 episode, s02e02, 2008)   What is humanity? Beth and Mike, a happily married couple, are fast asleep when an intruder startles them awake. Mike faces the danger with a cricket bat while Beth calls the police. Two burglars enter the room, knock Mike out, and assault Beth.

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Timestamp #TW14: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Torchwood: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (1 episode, s02e01, 2008)   Nothing good happens at midnight in Cardiff. As evidence of that claim, a sports car pulls up and motions an elderly lady across the street. When the light turns green, the car speeds off, but Torchwood is in pursuit. After

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Timestamp #194: Time Crash & Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who: Time Crash Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (Children in Need and Christmas Specials, 2007)   When you look deep into the pockets of the universe, you never know what you find.   Time Crash Immediately after Martha left the TARDIS and the Doctor once again took flight,

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Timestamp: Sarah Jane Adventures Series One Summary

Sarah Jane Adventures: Series One Summary   This was a pleasant surprise. I mean, yes, the headline is Elisabeth Sladen reviving her iconic role as Sarah Jane Smith, one of my absolute favorite companions in Doctor Who. But I have also seen so many franchises falter when trying to cater

Jojo Rabbit Review: Satire With Heart

“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. No feeling is final.” Jojo Rabbit ends on this quote by Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The entire film is an embodiment of these words as the main characters experience the conflicting emotions of joy and agony, hope and suffering, confidence, and

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