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The ESO Pro Wras'lin Roundtable Ep 1

The ESO Pro Wras’lin Roundtable Episode 1 – The Streak

The first episode of ESO-PRO is all about the Streak as Nicholas Ahlhelm, Alex Autrey and’s Jason Block sit down to talk about the legacy of Undertaker at Wrestlemania, the history of his legendary streak and its end at the hands of Brock Lesnar. We run down the highlights

Earth Station Who Episode 66 – The City of Death

Ah, Paris! The city of light, the city of love, and the city of…death? It is when Scaroth is in town! Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker review one of the best stories of the Tom Baker years. That is, unless Inspector Duggan knocks them all unconscious.

Ratchet RetroCast Episode 28 – Elementary My Dear Ratchet!

The Ratchet Retrocast goes to 221B Con to solve the case of just how much Sherlock Holmes has influenced pop culture! Listen as they recall their first Sherlock Holmes adaptation and their favorites along with a live audience. Meanwhile, the crew goes down to Fraggle Rock (clap clap!) in the

Earth Station One Episode 210 – Wrestling in the Attitude Era

Finally, the ESO crew has come back to pro wrestling! Mike, Mike and Nick Ahlhelm got more than two words for you regarding one of the most intense and exciting times in the history of the business. Nick, the host of the new ESO Pro podcast, falls victim to our

Earth Station One Episode 209 – The Winter Soldier Movie Review

This week, the ESO crew’s motto is “Don’t yield. Back S.H.I.E.L.D.” as we review one of 2014’s most anticipated blockbusters. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Ashley Bergner, Alex Autrey, and Drew Leiter share their level 9 clearance to reveal all the secrets behind Marvel’s supercharged thriller. Plus, we

Next on Earth Station One…

Next week, The ESO crew heads back to the theater to review one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies. ESO’s motto is “Don’t Yield. Back S.H.I.E.L.D.” as we take on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Warning: there will be spoilers. And, as if that wasn’t already more than enough

Episode 0 of The ESO Pro Wras'lin Roundtable

The ESO Pro Wras’lin Roundtable Episode 0 – Pilotmania

ESO-PRO kicks off with “Pilotmania”. Nicholas Ahlhelm and Alex Autrey are joined by ESO Director Mike Faber to talk all things Wrestlemania XXX. The PRO Crew talks the historic advent of the WWE Network, the rise of Daniel Bryan and what the event means for New Orleans. Plus, we run

Earth Station Who Episode 65 – They Should Have Been Companions

Over the past 50 years the Doctor has traveled the universe and has experienced more adventures then could ever be imagined. From his early experiences on, the one consistent was that the Doctor has met amazing individuals to assist him. Some have appeared and became companions, while others have declined

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 27 – The Neverending Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared for the biggest case of false advertising thanks to the title of this episode. Delve into the worlds of Epic and High Fantasy that dominated the late 70’s, through the early 80’s. We are joined this time by the lovely Kellen Harkins, track director for

Earth Station One Episode 208 – SeaQuest and Other Undersea Adventures

This week, the ESO crew run silent, run deep, and damn the torpedoes! Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Mark Holmes, and Lucas Garrett dive right in for an in-depth look at some of our favorite under the sea stories. We also chat with musician/writer Timothy Price about his

ESO DragonCon 2014 Khan Report Ep 3

The ESO DragonCon 2014 Khan Report Ep 3

The countdown to Dragoncon 2014 continues! Mike, Mike, Darren, Nikki, and MaryLouWho discuss the latest news and notes, including new registration deadlines, guest announcements, and hotel info. Keven Batchelder has another tip for newbies, Darren provides some helpful shopping tips for costumers, and Nikki introduces us to the idea of

Next On Earth Station One…

Next week, The ESO crew dives deep beneath the waves for a look back at our favorite underwater adventures. From Sea Hunt, Flipper, Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea, The Abyss, seaQuest DSV, and beyond, ESO explores the depths looking for adventure. We’ll also have the usual wet behind

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