This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs head back to the swamp! Lois and Clark are living in the Fortress of Solitude in Action Comics #1012. The host must die in Detective Comics #1006! Miguel and Summer check out the Justice League Detroit headquaters in Dial “H” for Hero #4! The Lords of Choas attack in Justice League Dark #12! Galactus…er…Noosphere Attacks in The Terrifics #17! Hippolyta and Diana must deal with Empress Hippolyta of Chi in Wonder Woman #73! All this plus, DC News, Swamp Thing, Cletus’s pick of the week, and much, much more!


Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open

0:01:38 DC News

0:18:00 Action Comics #1012

0:27:04 Detective Comics #1006

0:31:31 Dial H for Hero #4

0:35:36 Justice League Dark #12

0:39:22 The Terrifics #17

0:43:08 Wonder Woman #73

0:46:57 Swamp Thing S1 Ep 6 – The Price You Pay

0:55:16 Show Close

0:58:13 Spiderman: Far From Home w/Spoilers


Action Comics #1012

Detective Comics #1006

Dial H for Hero #4

Justice League Dark #12

The Terrifics #17

Wonder Woman #73

Earth Station One Tales of the Station

Earth Station One Tales of the Station Vol. 2

The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate

The Chameleon Chronicles: Sisters of the Thorn

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