Picard! Star Trek! Fandom! Gatekeeping! Virtue Signalling!

There are multiple controversies plaguing the geek-o-sphere right now. A huge topic in this week’s show is gatekeepers and gatekeeping in fandom. We wonder what gives a certain subset of fans the right to decide who is or is not a fan of something. We also touch on casting news and virtue signalling. With Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman, the media felt the need to point out that Batwoman is a lesbian, instead of just reporting on the casting itself. There is a huge discussion on the racial controversy over Patrick Stewart and the excitement of a new Picard series.


Patrick Stewart returns as Jean Luc Picard,
Gatekeeping and racial controversy in Star Trek fandom,
Star Trek 4 movie contract dispute with Chris Pine and Chrs Hemsworth,
Nichelle Nichols diagnosed with progressive dimentia,
Hallmark’s Star Trek ornaments for 2018,
Gene Roddenberry biography by David Alexander

Charlotte Rae (The Facts of Life) 1926 – 2018,

Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost,

Brent Spiner (Star Trek’s Data) cast in Supergirl season 4,

Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman, and the lesbian issue,

She-Ra cartoon remake,

Final Space cartoon on Netflix,

A huge congratulations to the A Play On Nerds podcast for reaching episode 100 later this week!

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