Ready for some O.C.T???By Trent Moore, Source:

After helping make AMC’s The Walking Dead one of the biggest shows ever, producer Gale Anne Hurd is bringing another dark comic property to the small screen—and she’s teaming up with Rosario Dawson to make it happen.

The duo is developing the graphic novel Occult Crimes Taskforce, co-created by Dawson, as a cable series at A&E. The show will be called O.C.T., and it will follow officers in the NYPD’s occult crimes division as they investigate incidences involving black magic and other wicked voodoo. The task force will face off with a demon group hell-bent (pun intended) on taking over Manhattan.

Dawson will likely produce and star in the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project was initially being developed as a feature film, but once that fell through, work on the television adaptation began.

Even better? The pilot is being written by Jorge Zamacona, a producer for the quirkily awesome ABC cop show The Unusuals, which was canceled after one brief season in 2009.

Considering the zeitgeist surrounding The Walking Dead right now, it seems like the perfect time to strike with a similarly dark, and potentially awesome, series. What do you think?