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Established in April 2012, the ESO Network is a podcast network of shows that celebrate a love for pop culture, sci-fi, comics, and all things geek. Join Podcasts like Earth Station One, Earth Station Who, Earth Staton DCU, The NerdBliss Podcast, The Flop Cast, The Dragon Con Report, The 42 Cast and so much more. We dive headfirst into the world of our favorite topics, get into trouble, and find our way out again! Stop by for a listen and let your inner geek out to play.
Earth Station One Ep587 - Mystery Alaska Movie Review

The Earth Station One Podcast – Mystery Alaska Movie Review

Big doings going on in the small town of Mystery. Price World wants to build a store, the New York Rangers are coming to town, and the ESO Movie Crew wants to do a podcast. Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley beat the summer heat and take a look at this

Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Edmond Hamilton’s Captain FutureThe GUNS OF PLUTOBy Allen SteeleExperimenter Publishing195 pgs We first discovered sci-fi writer Edmond Hamilton while in high school and immediately became a fan of his unique action/adventure stories. Unlike the hard science fiction of writers like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Hamilton gave us Flash

ESO Board Silly Ep 16

ESO Board Silly Episode 16

Exclusively for the Patrons of the ESO Network, the board of directors gathers once again. This time out instead of our usual BS, the crew decide to play a game of 80’s trivia. Flashing back to a bygone era as the crew from ESO BS see what they are full

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 586 - Loki Season 1 Review

The Earth Station One Podcast – Loki Season 1 Review

Marvel’s God of Mischief returns to action with glorious purpose in a new series on Disney Plus. Mike, Mike, Van Allen Plexico, Wil Nix, and Rebecca Perry return to the MCU to track down all the variants running rampant including some very familiar faces and some new ones destined for

the 2021 Dragon Con Report Ep 7

The 2021 Dragon Con Report Episode 7

Dragon Con is less than 50 days away! Are you ready? Mike, Mike, Darren, and Jen are joined by official media spokesperson Mary Lou to review the latest news and announcements to help you prepare whether you are attending online or in person. Plus for those local to Atlanta, Lisa

Earth Station One Ep 585 - Black Widown

The Earth Station One Podcast – Black Widow Movie Review

The MCU finally returns to the big screen and the ESO Movie Crew are back as well. Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley infiltrate the Red Room along with Natasha and her dysfunctional family. Plus, Mark Stancil and Daniel Hancock reveal all of the latest projects from Terminus Media while being

Earth Station Who Ep 274

Earth Station Who – The Visitation

The Fifth Doctor and crew arrive in Restoration England and face plague, superstitious villagers, a thespian highwayman, a robot that likes to play dress up, and an alien who wants to make a statement. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Dr. Scott Viguie try to file a claim on the land that

The Black Steletto - Endings & Beginnings Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘The Black Stiletto’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE BLACK STILETTO – Endings & BeginningsBy Raymond BensonOceanview Publishing324 pgs Sometimes a series is so damn good, we wish it would never end. Whereas going into Raymond Benson’s homage to old fashion comic book superheroes, we knew that it would be told in five installments. From our initial delight

The ESO Network Ep 584 - Our Favorite TV Pilots

The Earth Station One Podcast – Our Favorite TV Pilots

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Something TV networks and producers know all too well. Mike, Mike, Michael Falkner, and the award-winning Bobby Nash explore some of the shows we loved at first sight. Plus, writer John Vorhaus reaches inside the comedic toolbox for something

Earth Station One Ep 583 - Wallace and Gromit

The Earth Station One Podcast – Spotlight on Wallace and Gromit

In 1989, the world was introduced to an absent-minded inventor of cracking contraptions and his intelligent and very patient faithful companion. Mike, Mike, Kornflake, Anthony Williams, and Alan J. Porter discuss the pair’s past and possible future adventures over tea with crackers and, of course, cheese. Plus, writer/filmmaker Mark Holmes

ESO Board Silly Ep 15

ESO Network Board Silly Episode 15

The ESO Board is back in this silly exclusive podcast available to subscribers of the ESO Network Patreon. Check out all the silly fun and help support the ESO Network at the same time for as little as $1 a month. Click here to get a chuckle or two.

Earth Station Who

Earth Station Who – Pyramids of Mars

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith take on an ancient being with almost limitless power who seeks to destroy all life, the universe, and everything. Mike, Mike, and Mary kneel before the great god and play the organ in hopes that the great Sutekh does not shred their nervous

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