Next on ESO...Next week, Earth Station One heads back to the black as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Firefly. Although it only ran a few short episodes, fans of Joss Whedon and Tim Minear’s little sci fi show that could are as devoted as ever. ESO takes a look at the series, the motion picture, Serenity, the books, the fans, and more. Plus, ESO takes a look at the latest episode of The Walking Dead. And if that wasn’t enough, the crew sits down with Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian about her new book, Babylon Confidential. Plus, join us for the usual rants, raves, shout outs, and Mike’s Khan Report! It’s going to be another exciting episode of Earth Station One.

ESO wants to hear from you. What are your favorite Firefly memories? What did you think about the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Have you recovered from your Halloween candy coma? Share your thoughts with us at, the ESO Facebook Group, @EarthStationOne on Twitter, email:, or call: 404-963-9057. We might just read yours on the show.

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