Doctor Strange headed to the big screen, thanks to the AvengersBy Matthew Jackson, Source:

With just days to go until its U. S. release, The Avengers is already set to be one of the biggest movies in the history of ever, which means it also has the potential to be a springboard for loads of other still-developing Marvel projects. Will the success of The Avengers mean characters like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange will finally hit the big screen?

Kevin Feige’s been a part of the Marvel Movie Universe for more than a decade, and he’s been the driving force of production since the days of Iron Man. No one can dispute Feige’s gobsmacking success at this point, but even he admits there were people in Hollywood who thought his ambitious slate of superhero films was downright crazy.

“I was young enough and na├»ve enough to believe that we could do all of this,” he said. “And I was often confronted by listing the number of projects that we were working on; most production companies or studios have a lot of movies in development and are only going to make one of those movies, at most. So here I was saying, ‘Oh, we’re working on this movie and that movie and that movie and this movie,’ and I remember somebody saying to me once, ‘You know you’re not going to make all those movies. You’re going to make maybe one of two of them.’ But I was like, ‘I think we’ll make them all!'”

That “make them all” attitude has to led to some of the most commercially successful films on the planet, and it’s all culminating this weekend with The Avengers. So what comes next? Well, there are all those projects that Feige’s had on his list for years, including films for Marvel’s cosmic contingent and the Marvel Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme.

“I mean, there are certainly others like Guardians [of the Galaxy], like Inhumans, like Doctor Strange that we haven’t yet, but I am confident that we will. So there’s a lot of satisfaction now, on the eve of Avengers, that this thing that was deemed impossible has actually occurred.”

And let’s not forget Ant-Man.

“Well, we’ve been working on that movie for forever, it seems,” Feige said. “I saw Edgar [Wright] again last night and what I’ve been saying because I believe it to be true is that it’s closer than it’s ever been before.”

So, there are still no guarantees, but The Avengers has certainly gifted Feige and company with both more confidence and an added dose of clout to make these movies happen.