Mike, Mike, Dr. Scott Viguie, and Lucas Garrett discuss the latest and greatest breakthroughs, discoveries, and achievements in SCIENCE!!! Plus, a big ESO Network welcome to Joe and Toni of the Watch-a-thon of Rassilon podcast, which means one ends up in the Geek Seat! All this, along with a tribute to Adam West, Ashley’s Movie Talk, Angela’s Geek Girl’s Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moments, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open / Rants and Raves
0:15:59 Ashley Paul’s Movie Moment
0:19:39 The Geek Seat with Joe and Toni of the Watch-a-thon of Rassilon Podcast
0:39:05 Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moments
0:43:48 A Look at Science Vol III
1:35:22 A Geek Girl’s Take
1:36:56 The Khan Report
1:51:30 Show Close

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