Ashley Pauls

I’m a movie buff, and I love anything to do with entertainment (especially science fiction and British dramas!) I write about current and upcoming films and other entertainment-related news. I currently work as a communications coordinator, and I’m an aspiring novelist. – Ashley Marie Pauls

An evening with George Takei

I live in a town of about 50,000 in the Midwest, but because it’s a college town, I’m grateful to have access to unique experiences I might not otherwise encounter in a town of this size. Last night, I got to hear actor and author George Takei speak on the

Movie review: A Haunting in Venice

I remember when I first saw the trailer for A Haunting in Venice in the movie theater. The spooky opening first had me believing it was a horror film, and I thought, “Oh man, this looks scary; I don’t know if I could handle this in the theater.” Then up

Why I’m taking a break from Disney+

I always joke that if you ever hear me say, “Eh, I’m not really all that into Star Wars anymore,” then you know that I’ve either A) Been kidnapped and need help or B) Been taken over by some sort of alien entity. However, I promise there is no cause

DC’s ‘Blue Beetle’ deserved to perform better at the box office

There isn’t always justice to be found at the box office. Sometimes a mediocre film will rake in the cash (I’m sure we could all name a franchise film or two that fits this description), or conversely, an enjoyable film will fail to gain traction.  DC’s Blue Beetle took in

Playing content catch-up: What I’ve been watching recently

Do you know what Strange New Worlds season 2, Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries, the new Haunted Mansion movie, and the historical biopic Chevalier have to do with each other? Well truthfully, not much. However, I recently watched all four of these and wanted to talk about them. One surprised me,

Movie review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

This has been a very strange summer at the box office.  Disney, normally a box office juggernaut that makes other studios tremble in fear and shift their own release dates, stumbled uncharacteristically this summer movie season, with a run of underperforming blockbusters. Then, #Barbenheimer took the world by storm, and

Come on Barbie, let’s go party?

I didn’t originally plan to see the Barbie movie, even though that trailer spoofing the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey did make me chuckle. The film looked like a strange parody of the Barbie brand with a dash of The Lego Movie and the admittedly very funny Barbie

Movie review: Oppenheimer

If you’re looking for a feel-good summer popcorn flick, then Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is not that movie. What it is, however, is a stunning, morally complicated biopic about the man behind the creation of the atomic bomb, which forever changed our world and the way we look at war.  Christopher

I just watched season 3 of ‘Picard’ and it was amazing

I broke a lot of my own preferred viewing rules to watch season 3 of Picard.  I had not watched season 1 or 2 of this show. While I was familiar with The Next Generation characters and had seen a handful of episodes, I knew far less about TNG than

Movie review: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One has a lot working against it.  It’s the seventh(!) movie in a franchise, a number when many other franchises have long since started to overstay their welcome.  It’s a long movie too, clocking in at almost three hours.  And it isn’t even disguising

Summer blockbuster blues

We’re now more than halfway through summer movie season, and by this point, I’ve watched a lot of films. I feel like I’ve made a trip to the theater at least once a week, and blockbuster seasons feels — at least on the surface — the most normal it’s been

Movie review: The Flash

To say that there is drama surrounding The Flash would be something of an understatement — and this applies both on-screen and off. There’s plenty of drama within the film itself, as superhero speedster the Flash (a.k.a. Barry Allen figures out how to run fast enough to travel back in

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