Ashley Pauls

I’m a movie buff, and I love anything to do with entertainment (especially science fiction and British dramas!) I write about current and upcoming films and other entertainment-related news. I currently work as a communications coordinator, and I’m an aspiring novelist. – Ashley Marie Pauls

Disney announcement recap: What I’m most hyped for

A while back, I blogged about canceling my Disney+ account. Not permanently, of course, but I did feel like it was time for a break. In my first year with the streaming service, I hadn’t watched it as much as I thought I would, and I wanted to try out

’Tis the season…for cheesy Netflix holiday films!

’Twas the month before Christmas, And on your TV An explosion of contentSo bright and cheer-y! Let’s deck the halls with tinselAnd plot twists so cheesyIt’s Netflix holiday season…And time to get streaming! That’s right — the holiday season is officially here, and that means your Netflix feed is now overwhelmed with

Happy holidays from a galaxy far, far away

I firmly believe that every Star Wars fan should watch the infamous “Holiday Special” at least once. It’s not because the Star Wars Holiday Special is some kind of hidden, underappreciated gem. It’s awful — truly, spectacularly, miserably awful. So awful, in fact, that if George Lucas could have used

Geek collecting – What’s on your shelf?

Normally I try not to let the stuff I see on social media bother me too much (otherwise I’d angrily toss my computer into a dumpster). But a while back I saw two separate posts that have stuck with me, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them.

Frightful philosophy: Rethinking my assumptions about the horror genre

For many years, there were two film genres I didn’t want anything to do with: Westerns and horror. I was convinced these two genres had nothing to offer me personally as a film fan, and when someone would recommend a Western or a horror film to me, I’d try to

Long live the king: Reflecting on the legacy of Chadwick Boseman

I always struggle with how to process celebrity deaths, because in some ways, my grief feels presumptuous. I may have liked and admired their work as a performer, but I know that the loss hurts far, far worse for that person’s friends and family. I didn’t know the celebrity personally,

A summer without movies: Reflections on a cancelled summer blockbuster season

Normally at this time of the year, I’d be sitting down to write a summer movie recap, reflecting on the hits (and misses), what were the biggest surprises and disappointments, and so on. By this point in 2020, I planned to have seen “Wonder Woman 1984,” Christopher Nolan’s espionage thriller

Throwback review: ‘Logan Lucky’ (2017)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a movie about Kylo Ren and James Bond robbing a vault at a NASCAR speedway during the middle of a race? Well, have I got a movie for you! To be fair, “Logan Lucky” isn’t actually about Kylo Ren

Throwback review: ‘John Adams’ HBO miniseries (2008)

When you hear the phrase “founding fathers of the United States,” what name first comes to mind? George Washington? Benjamin Franklin? Thomas Jefferson? While these three are arguably the most famous members of the American Revolution, they certainly didn’t act alone. The first U.S. secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton,

Throwback review: ‘The Night Manager’ BBC/AMC miniseries (2016)

Fans have long been speculating over who will become the next James Bond when Daniel Craig retires from the role. Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tom Hiddleston is often mentioned as one of the possibilities, but whether or not he actually gets the job, you can get a taste of what

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