The unboxing of my time capsule of first year university memories. After my first year of school in 1995-1996, I boxed up a bunch of stuff I thought would be significant. I haven’t opened the box in 23 years. On this episode, I take everything out, and tell the story of each item. There is no real message or moral to this episode. It’s meant as a fun look back at who I was. Following is the list of things found in the time capsule box. Listen to the episode to hear the stories…

Time Capsule Items:

Coors Light beer can
Alberta Pure Vodka cup keychain
star shaped candle holder
NU keychain squeeze light
condom holder
small rock with a face on it
Crown Royal velvet bag with bottle inside
assorted pens
frosh week hat
ID holder
Toronto Blue Jays jewelry
book of matches
metal mind teaser puzzle
friendship bracelet
student handbook
fireworks glasses
Juicy Fruit gum
random papers, notes and phone numbers
pub night flyer
baseball ticket stub
holographic hockey card
course schedule
Ken Griffey Jr baseball card
personality test drawing
beer coaster
floppy disk
happy birthday card
Valentine’s Day card
telephone hook-up receipt
Nova Scotia quarter
Looney Tunes pogs

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