Phase 1 of the Thunderverse concludes as Johnathan Wheatley of the History of Comic Books and Mark McCray of The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast lead the charge! Sexy Thor’s Ring of Thunder reminds Dan who Thunder Talk’s Mightiest Avenger is. And the Dynamic Duo, Beth and Kawika, hulk out and mix it up on Mixer.

Actually, for a show as hyped as this we talk an awful lot about our pets. But I promise you, like all our shows, it’s still really funny. As for the politics and social commentary, we leave that to the musicians in this issue.

Golden Age Thunder Friend Missy, now known as Scellen (see-elen), just can’t miss has she lets fly her hit new single “Grind Like Recessions” with devastating accuracy. Combining his surgical podcast skills with the mystic rock star arts, Jon Rassmusen of Black Market Toast and Revelator dusts off and serves up social activism from an angle that’s completely new with “The Great Ghost Dance”. All while The Good Doctor, Davey Adams, attacks this issue with a soundtrack of super sonic psyionic licks, crushing beats, and brain breaking content!

And rumor has it the Mad Titan of podcasting shows up in the post credit scene.

Now, prepare yourself for the most important podcast crossover event since the last most important podcast cross over event!


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