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Best Saturdays of Our Lives – Tom Cook & Bill Golliher @SCCC

SC Comicon! South Carolina’s premier comic convention recently hosted Tom Cook and Bill Golliher, two giants of the animation and comic book industry. Armed with great questions provided by Mark McCray, and with the assistance of Mike Faber and the ESO Network, Dan had an opportunity to speak with these


With deep sadness we say goodbye to one of the most extortionary musicians to ever grace our show. The following are the two interviews and songs he gave us in our all to brief time together. We encourage you to support his legacy and his family by celebrating his music

Best Saturdays of Our Lives 29 – Sweet Swee’Pea’s Baadasssss Dad!

We’re mixing it up with all your favorite cartoon dream daddies! Single parenthood is rough especially for sailors, cavemen and superheroes. We’ll gladly hear you on Tuesday if you listen to us today – the Best Baadasssss Saturdays of Your Life! 00:00:24: I Yam What I Yam 00:22:25: And Son!


The Best Saturdays of Our Lives #28 – Batman vs. Batman

Super Friends vs. Star Trek! The Dark Knight and Boy Wonder vs. Superman and Wonder Woman! The Caped Crusader vs. Space Ghost! Season Two opens with a double dose of BIFF, POW, and ZING as your Best Saturdays Dynamic Duo Mark & Dan return to ask “Who owns it?” 00:00:25


Episode #27 The Cutesy Era – Part 3

Recorded in 2019, this is the last of what we had in the can. I conclude our “Cutesy Era” discussion with the Gummi Bears, Flintstone Kids, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned for the premiere of Season 2 of The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast coming this Spring!


* 警告! Thunder Talk是成熟的内容!*تحذير! كلام الرعد هو محتوى ناضج*!Aviso! Thunder Talk é conteúdo adulto! Waarschuwing! Thunder Talk bevat inhoud voor volwassenen! * Avertissement! Thunder Talk est réservé aux adultes! *警告!サンダートークは子供向けではありません!*¡Advertencia! ¡Thunder Talk es solo para adultos!* ¡Advertencia! ¡Thunder Talk es solo para adultos!* هشدار! بحث تندر فقط برای بزرگسالان است!*


If you’re a fan of Thunder Talk then you’re already a fan of Amanda Bones and Hell To Pay Management. Adam and Dan sit down with her and Ashley Rose to discuss their hit new show “How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling”. Then Zack Carpenter joins Amanda in


Episode #26 The Cutesy Era – Part 2

In part two, trends in both marketing and child psychology coalesce. We might talk a bit more about the Care Bears then we intended, but this is what you get from an episode recorded back in 2019. Part two also explores Disney’s leap into Saturday Morning market. 00:00:24 Attack Them

Woke Nerd Junk

Thunder Talk Issue 36 – A History of…

We reminisce about the good ‘ol days, when movies were rented from video stores, inbreeding was considered a noble tradition, and Russia was always the bad guy. Beth and Kawika weave us through some film and TV talk while Mark and Wheatley take a deeper dive into some premature comic


The Best Saturdays of Our Lives # 25 The Cutesy Era – Part 1

There’s nothing tiny about this trend! From Tex Avery’s last animated work to Jim Henson’s first, we shrink it down and look at all that was small on Saturday morning.  00:00:24 Squishable Plushable Boss Hog 00:15:23 Muppet Babies 00:25:00 Don’t Miss It! TOTAL RUNNTIME: 00:27:21 The ESO Network  #esonetwork  Mark


The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Ep# 24 – Wonder Woman 1968?

Wonder Woman made her small screen debut almost fifty years ago, but not in a way you would expect. Mark and Dan explore her Saturday morning origins all the way through the modern cable era. You’ll be fascinated by both when, and how, Diana Prince finally got animated! 00:00:25 The

Woke Nerd Junk

Thunder Talk – Not The Holiday Special

Duane Mark makes his triumphant return with the track “The Crows Know” off his forthcoming EP A Letter To My Enemies. Jon and Joe of Black Market Toast invade the show and Solo Side Project reminds us that “HLY CRP ITS XMS”! Otherwise this episode is all over the place.

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