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We both delight and offend in that special way only Thunder Talk can with our break-down of the 2020 U.S. presidential election! Don’t worry. Maybe thirty-odd minutes of this is political. The rest is chalked full of jokes! Either way, you’ll still want to beat us up after the show.

If you’re not producing studio level music on your Nintendo for your spouse in celebration of your anniversary, then you’re doing it wrong. Thunder Ally Jon Rassmusen upstages us all with “The Winds of a Storm” off his forthcoming Solo Side Project EP.

Mark and Adam touch on WandaVision along with comic cover incongruities, Dan spews a bunch of obnoxious junk, and Beth & Kawika get back in the habit with “Warrior Nun” in a new instalment of What’s On OurTube!

00:00:23 Hail to the Thunder

00:01:35 Land Doesn’t Vote

00:10:46 Goonswarm On The Ropes?

00:16:44 WandaComics

00:20:59 Demographics

00:31:57 Solo Side Project “The Winds of a Storm”

00:42:14 PSL Josh Groban

00:46:33 Covers Uncovered

00:52:35 Fraud

01:00:25 What’s on OurTube “Warrior Nun”

01:13:35 Gentle Burger Kisses

01:14:47 Tossed in the Sauce

0118:39 WTLK – The Thunder

01:32:25 We’re Not Talking About Discovery. I Love the Show. In Fact, It’s My Favorite of the Current CBS Offerings. I’m Just Ready For Bed and Think We Should Wrap This Up.

01:41:52 Saucy Boy





Jon Rassmusen


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As a diy band, Solo Side Project controls all rights to our music and are solely responsible for distribution of our music.

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