This time on ESO PRO we are minus Jonathan Williams as he is on assignment and John steps out for the main subject to boldly go where no one has gone before. But before he does that John and Richard talk a bit about The Dudleys recent retirement and the sad news with the passing of Mr. Fuji.

But the main subject is hosted by Richard Ewell as he talks with ESO PRO long time friend Jerry Chandler and new friend of the PRO crew Grey Eminence about the not so cult classic Ready To Rumble. Yes, thats right WCW made a movie to try to capitalize on the success WCW had been having and expand the brand which actually was bought out by Vince about a year later.

Follow the adventures of two wrestling fans as they try to help their favorite wrestler Jimmy King get out of his slump. Who was this movie for? Was it funny? More importantly should you track it down to try to find it? Tune in to hear the guy’s opinion as they discuss the good and the bad of 2000’s movie Ready To Rumble.

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