Join John Neal, Richard Ewell, Jonathan Williams, and Bryan Silverbax as they go to Hollywood and discuss the connections between celebrities and wrestling. From Andy Kaufman to Mr. T to Dennis Rodman. The ESO PRO Crew dig through the history books to uncover some of the oddest additions to wrestling via Hollywood such as a certain WCW Champion and Robocop.

But Wait, There’s more!

We talk with Artist Bryan Silverbax about his awesome art and love of professional wrestling!

Also, John and Richard have a talk about two very popular subjects as of late. Brock Lesnar’s successful win in the octagon and what effects if will have on his future in pro wrestling along with his new Summerslam opponent in The Viper Randy Orton. The second subject is about The Final Deletion involving The Hardy Boys which has lit a fire for the good or the bad in the wrestling industry. Was it for comedy? Was it a dramatic piece? They discuss the entire directors cut on this episode!
And last but certainly not least. The very first edition of the ESO PRO Gameshow, NAME THAT WRESTLER premieres!

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