John “The Feels” Neal and Richard “The Blizzard” Ewell are joined by Jeff “The Ref” Yelton ( and Wrestling With Pop Culture’s Jonathan “Chilling” Williams ( to decide what wrestlers will fill the roster of the newest and greatest wrestling promotion in the Galaxy! The ESO PRO Fed! We choose which wrestlers fill each part of the card and crown our champions. Join in on the fun and listen to our picks and then share your own with us at ESO-PRO: The Pro Wrestling RoundtableFacebook page or give us a call at (404) 963-9057 or email us at . Plus a bonus interview by Jonathan of Indy wrestler Matt “Sex” Sells! All that and a couple more little treats to entertain wrestling fans of all ilks. So join us and give a listen. And give us some feedback. How do we know if we are doing it right or wrong if you don’t tell us?

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