Earth Station One Ep 282
The ESO crew had a blast at Dragon Con 2015! Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, Jessa Phillips, and J Patrick recorded a panel as part of the Podcasting Track regarding the current State of Geekdom featuring Friends of the Station William Faber, Eternal Zan, Mark Heffernan, and some new folks! We also had the pleasure of interviewing Danielle Panabaker and John Wesley Shipp from The Flash. Thanks to everyone who came to the various ESO events over the weekend. It was a blast! Hope to see even more of y’all next year!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Earth Station One Live – Geekdom in 2015
1:01:16 Interview with John Wesley Shipp
1:18:27 Interview with Danielle Panabaker


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