The 42cast Episode 106: Mirror Finish


Running at us from 2020, we have our review of The Flash Season 6. Sadly, this episode was delayed due to my herniated disc, but we are now able to release it so that you can hear all of our points. This week we discuss Bloodwork and Mirror Monarch and how their storylines stack against the hype. We also talk about whether the payoff to the newspaper plot was sufficient to all of the hype. We also opine on Sue Dearbon and talk about what she brings to the series and her amazing chemistry with her co-stars. We also chat about new regulars Chunk and Allegra and what they bring to the series. We also talk about how the mirror universe may be the best thing to ever happen to Iris and how the recent shakeups effect the rest of the main characters.

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded prior to the news breaking about Hartley Sawyer’s tweets and his subsequent firing from the series. Our references to Sawyer in this episode were about his performance only. We do not endorse or in any way support the content of any of the racist or misogynistic tweets that have since come to light.

In this week’s five-minute controversy we ask whether or not it’s a good idea to go back to the movie theaters while Covid-19 is still a pandemic.

This week Ryan; Eric; and the world’s foremost Flash fan, Shaun, join the cast.

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