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The Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 148

The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 148 – The Stones of Blood

Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary travel to Boscombe Moor in sensible shoes to locate the third fragment of the Key to Time and, like the Megara, play judge and jury to this Fourth Doctor adventure. Plus, we honor the War Doctor Sir John Hurt and discuss the upcoming departure of

The Earth Station One Podcat Ep 355

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 355 – Artist Spotlight Featuring Joe Kubert

For nearly 70 years, the legendary illustrator was a consistent comic book craftsman. Mike, Mike, Kevin Eldridge, and award-winning artist Mark Maddox are schooled on the artist’s impact on war stories, westerns, jungle tales, and even some super hero books. Plus, voice actor Bob Carter tries not to get tongue-tied

The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 1

The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 1

It’s 2017, and a brand new Dragon Con awaits a little more than 200 days from now. Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, Mary Lou Who, Nikki Rau Baker, and Dakoma Sanchez discuss some of the changes that are already scheduled for this year’s con and programming we’d like to see in

Stunt Man Book Reveiw By Ron Fortier

‘Stunt-Man’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

STUNT-MAN The Autobiography of Yakima Canutt With Oliver Drake Walker Publishing Company Published 1979 237 pages Having been a fan of the movie serials for most of my life, I was familiar with Yakima Canutt; considered by many to be the most famous stunt man of them all. Sometime in

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 354

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 354 – Red Dwarf Series XI

One of the longest running science fiction comedies won’t smegging end! Mike, Mike, Robert Ray, and Nathan Laws board the mining spaceship to see what kind of trouble the wacky Dwarfers are up to now. Plus, ESO-Pro Wrestling Roundtable’s Jonathan Williams tries not to submit to the Geek Seat. All

ESO Pro Wrestling Ep 44

The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 44 – All About Honor

On this episode, the ESO PRO crew talk all about honor. Ring Of Honor has been making waves in the wrestling world by putting on a top notch product and introducing characters and wrestlers that bring a new dynamic to the wrestling world. Along with just talking about ROH, Jonathan

Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 147 – The Ribos Operation

Bones of our fathers, bones of our kings! Mike, Mike, and Mary enter the catacombs in hopes of finding the first segment of the Key to Time. In addition, they discover a new companion for the Fourth Doctor, the pretty and prim Romanadvoratrelundar, aka Fred.

Circling the Runway Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Circling The Runway’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CIRCLING THE RUNWAY A Jake Diamond Mystery By J.L. Abramo Down & Books 242 pgs We generally do not enjoy books wherein the writer moves back and forth between first and third person narratives. Most of the time these shifts are jarring in that the reader, safely ensconced in the

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 352

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 352 – The World of Atari

45 years ago, Atari was born and a few years later the home video game market exploded. Mike, Mike, Mark Heffernan, and “8-Bit” Adam Pewitt grab their joystick controllers and play through some of their favorite games. Plus, Misbehavin’ Maiden Saber is captivated by the Geek Seat. All this, along

Earth Station One Ep 351

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 351 – 2016 In The Geek Seat

The year that was 2016 hurt a lot of people. There were moments of joy, but many sacrifices were made along the way. Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, Keith Johnson, and Jerry Chandler examine the wonders and the wreckage and look ahead to the hopeful horizon of 2017.

Earth Station Who Ep 146

The Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 146 – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

It was a dark time in the Big Apple. Aliens bent on colonization with only a single caped crusader to stop them. But wait, what’s this? The long awaited return of the dynamic Doctor! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary unwrap the twelfth annual Christmas special. And they brought snacks. The

ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Ep 41

The ESO Pro-Wrestling Roundtable Episode 41 – Defend A Favorite

ESO PRO presents to you your Christmas present….A brand new episode! That’s right, as always John hosts the crew as Richard and Jonathan are joined with the one, the only, Jerry Chandler! We have a slobber knocker of a show as we Defend Our Favorite! Wrestling has many good things

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