ESO PRO presents to you your Christmas present….A brand new episode! That’s right, as always John hosts the crew as Richard and Jonathan are joined with the one, the only, Jerry Chandler! We have a slobber knocker of a show as we Defend Our Favorite! Wrestling has many good things that we like but it also has many bad or not so good things that we like as well. This is the episode where we pick something that has a usually negative connotation and defend it. The guys have a great discussion about each of their subjects that they have chosen to defend.

But wait theres more! Not only do you get the main subject of the show but Richard interviews Carson Hunt, the host of the Thrill of the Hunt Podcast about his trip to Mexico. This makes his third trip to Mexico and this time he actually made it to a real Lucha Libre Wrestling Event! They have a fun talk about his visit and what surprised him while he was there. He even talks about how he almost didn’t make it to his first Lucha Libre event with his family.

We here at ESO PRO wishes you and your family a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thank you for being a part of the ESO PRO Family and look for us to get even better next year as we open up the year looking into the crystal ball for 2017.

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